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Item #: SCP-3054

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A fenced, circular perimeter with a radius of 1.5 kilometers has been established around SCP-3054-A. This perimeter is maintained by MTF Kappa-9 ("Paging Nurse Ratched") under a cover story involving groundwater contamination.

Efforts to develop a method of containing SCP-3054's effects outside of SCP-3054-A are ongoing. Meanwhile, all disappearances associated with SCP-3054 are to be reported to the Foundation's Disinformation Bureau for further action.

No personnel with a documented history of mental illness are permitted on-site.

Description: SCP-3054 is an anomalous phenomenon which affects patients interned in mental health facilities throughout North America. Affected patients will disappear when left unobserved. Investigations into these disappearances have uncovered records at each facility indicating a scheduled transfer to SCP-3054-A. Neither a source nor an explanation for these records has been determined.

The Foundation became aware of this phenomenon in 1981; however, analysis indicates possible incidents dating back to 1890. Furthermore, while the earliest incidents occurred within one hundred kilometers of SCP-3054-A, this 'area of effect' appears to have expanded over time (with the most recent incident reported in Vancouver, Canada). As of now, there have been 912 disappearances associated with SCP-3054. More are expected to be uncovered.


Interior of SCP-3054-A.

SCP-3054-A is Cragstaff Sanitarium — an uninhabited psychiatric institute located in a forested region 50 kilometers west of Hudson, North Carolina. Other than the previously mentioned transfer records, no documentation of SCP-3054-A's construction or operation exists. Researchers are working to determine when SCP-3054-A was built and whether or not it was actually used.

It has recently been discovered that any person with a documented history of mental illness may experience SCP-3054 while inside of SCP-3054-A (see below).

Addendum 3054.1: Text Logs

The following text logs were pulled from Foundation personnel's phones following the disappearance of Julia Owens, a Foundation researcher assigned to SCP-3054-A.

Addendum 3054.2: Voice Logs

The following audio logs are recordings of phone-calls received by Dr. June Lindsey from Ms. Owens' phone.

Addendum 3054.3: The following emails are documented here to give context for the incident that occurred on 5-7-2010.

DATE: 21/06/2010
FROM: Director Browning <noitadnuof.pcs|gninworbb#noitadnuof.pcs|gninworbb>
TO: Dr. Lindsey <noitadnuof.pcs|yesdnilj#noitadnuof.pcs|yesdnilj>
SUBJECT: Re: Article Updates

Although it's clear that Ms. Owens was abducted by SCP-3054, the only details we have about this 'alt-dimension Cragstaff' are from her texts and phone-logs. And as you yourself discovered, Ms. Owens is a recovering schizophrenic (still trying to figure out how RAISA missed that one). Her testimony is anecdotal— at best. At this point, our knowledge of this dimension is purely speculative.

And we do not deal in speculation. We deal in cold, hard facts. No one outside of D-Class personnel is going through SCP-3054 until we're reasonably certain we can bring them back. Recovering Ms. Owens is high priority — but so is protecting Foundation agents here and now. I'm not sending armed personnel into a dimension we know nothing about. We need more data.

Furthermore, given the possibility that SCP-3054-A's nature may target subjects with documented mental illnesses, I am rejecting your request for psychiatric treatment — for reasons that should be absurdly clear. Instead, I'm giving you two weeks paid leave. Effective immediately.

Take some time off, June. Forget about Ms. Owens; let us handle it. Request some amnestics if you need them.

Whatever it takes — get your head back into the game. We've got work to do.

DATE: 05/07/2010
FROM: Researcher Phyllis <noitadnuof.pcs|sillyhpb#noitadnuof.pcs|sillyhpb>
TO: Director Browning <noitadnuof.pcs|gninworbb#noitadnuof.pcs|gninworbb>
SUBJECT: Incident (contact me IMMEDIATELY)

If you're reading this, either you already know what's going on (in which case, disregard) or you're turning your computer on before you check your phone (in which case, stop what you're doing and call me RIGHT NOW. You can keep reading while the phone is ringing.)

Dr. Lindsey disappeared. It happened just after she got back from vacation. She entered SCP-3054-A, said something about wanting to check on a hunch, then… an hour later, nobody could get in contact with her.

Three hours later, we're still looking for her. Suddenly, one of the structures on the west side of SCP-3054-A just collapses. Like somebody blew a goddamn hole through it.

We're all scrambling, I'm trying to call you and leaving you 5 voice-mails and over 20 texts — and that's when somebody finds the note. June left it on her desk shortly after entering SCP-3054-A. I scanned it and sent a copy to your phone, but I'll include it here so you can see.

If you're reading this, then I'm already gone.

Let me tell you about my vacation!

I had a wonderful time. Saw some family. Watched a few movies. Borrowed my father's pistol. Managed to get ahold of some grenades. Took a trip down to the shore. Found a psychiatric institute that would admit me overnight for 'grief counseling'.

I'm going in. And either Julia's coming back with me… or I'm not coming back at all.

Foundation personnel are to continue monitoring mental health facilities throughout North America to determine if any change in SCP-3054 has occurred.

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