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Item#: 3053
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Special Containment Procedures: Guards posing as game wardens are to keep SCP-3053-A under observation. Civilians are to be warned away citing the presence of unstable sinkholes, and any that manage access to SCP-3053-B or -C are to be amnesticized and escorted out of the area.

Description: SCP-3053 is a three-part spatial anomaly located in a wooded area approximately 7km southwest of Broken Cliff, MO, USA.

SCP-3053-A is an abandoned boxcar that bears the markings of the now-defunct Missouri and North Arkansas Railroad Company1, though investigation of the remaining records of that company have not thus far directly corroborated ownership. The construction of SCP-3053-A and testing of trace substances suggest that it was used to carry mining supplies alongside shipments of lead and zinc. It is unknown how it reached its current location as no known configuration of the M&NA line passed through the area and all attempts to relocate SCP-3053-A since its discovery have failed.

SCP-3053-B is an extra-dimensional space accessible via using SCP-3053-A in a manner similar to an airlock, entering from the east and exiting through to the west. Travel going the opposite direction, without both doors being closed for thirty seconds simultaneously, or involving the western door being opened from the outside will result in failure to access SCP-3053-B. The space comprising SCP-3053-B is approximately 4,000m2 with an unknown height and depth. It resembles the clearing on the western side of SCP-3053-A in baseline reality, save for the addition of SCP-3053-C. All attempts to exit the area in any way other than traveling back through SCP-3053-A will cause the traveler to demanifest and reappear on the opposite side of SCP-3053-B.

SCP-3053-C is a two-story mortared limestone house centrally located within SCP-3053-B. The interior and several facets of the exterior of the building are constructed of oak that is in severe disrepair. Three drone explorations of SCP-3053-C's interior have been carried out with no significant incidents2. A manned exploration has been scheduled for 20██-06-01.

Addendum 3053-001: Exploration 3053/04 was carried out as scheduled and has been further designated Incident 3053/01. Access to relevant logs is restricted to security level 3/3053 or higher until further notice.

Full re-designation of SCP-3053 components and an update of SCP-3053's containment procedures are currently in progress. Further exploration of SCP-3053-C has been indefinitely suspended.

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