Item#: 3051
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Special Containment Procedures: As a fully functional Foundation Site, SCP-3051 is capable of self-containment. SCP-3051 has constantly manned roadblocks, watchtowers and surveillance cameras, which remain, for the most part, active even during Incident-3051-86.

Outside of SCP-3051's area of effect, there is a network of motion-sensitive cameras intended to capture civilians attempting to enter Site-86-D during SCP-3051's deactivated period.

A series of radio and television transmitters positioned outside of SCP-3051’s are set to continuously broadcast duplicate signals of those originally sent from 16/12/1980 to 22/12/1980 into SCP-3051. At the beginning of each loop, Dr. Faust must manually connect the severed telephone network to a computer, which will send an automatic error message when the phones in Site-86-D are used.

Dr. Richard Faust is to remain within SCP-3051 and monitor the anomaly to explore possible methods of aborting SCP-3051 by studying the nature of the loop, leaving before Incident-3051-86 takes place. Dr. Faust has been approved to remain within SCP-3051 by psychiatrists. If Dr. Faust fails to check in before 5 PM Monday of each week, an available Foundation agent will be dispatched to investigate and Dr. Faust's employment will be terminated.

Informing SCP-3051-1 instances of SCP-3051 is prohibited.

Description: SCP-3051 is the ruins of Site-86-D1 and the surrounding area in a three-kilometre radius. Site-86-D was a newly instituted residential Site containing Safe to Euclid level temporal anomalies. It had a total staff count of 467, with 466 present at the time of Incident-3051-86.

Every seventh day, a localised temporal distortion takes place within SCP-3051. The distortion returns SCP-3051 to 6:12 PM, Tuesday, 16/12/1980. An operational Site-86-D, containing SCPs and staff, will replace the ruins. This replacement also restores SCP-3051’s surrounding terrain, forest, and wildlife to their state in 1980. Only objects which were present during the original Incident-3051-86 will be replicated, leaving Dr. Richard Faust as the only staff member to not be recreated as an SCP-3051-1 instance. The distortion will terminate after six days and twelve hours, when Incident-3051-86 concludes at 6:12 AM, Sunday, 22/12/1980, and the area will return to its dilapidated state. This is followed by a twelve-hour long inactive period before the loop restarts.

Humans that manifest within SCP-3051 are designated SCP-3051-1. SCP-3051-1 instances are unaware of the temporal distortion and will continue their usual routines from that time forward. SCP-3051-1 are not permitted to leave the borders of SCP-3051. Objects and SCP-3051-1 which are removed from SCP-3051 will dematerialise upon crossing the border.

An individual spending an extended period within SCP-3051 will begin to slow the rate of ageing. Dr. Faust has aged only two years since the first loop.

The 3051-86 event commenced at 11:45 PM, 21/12/1980. A convoy of unidentified soldiers, designated GoI-176, wearing black tactical armour, disabled Site-86-D’s communications array and forcibly entered the premises through the western checkpoint in armoured trucks. Foundation security defended the entrance to the Site but was quickly defeated by the highly advanced weaponry and superior numbers deployed against them. GoI-176 then entered the facility, prioritising the termination of Foundation staff and procedurally searching each room, acquiring 54 SCPs. No staff survived. A full manifest of the SCPs taken by GoI-176 is available in Document-3051-C.

GoI-176 returned to the central courtyard of SCP-3051 and assembled a complex device resembling a 5-metre tall spire, designated SCP-3051-2. When completed, GoI-176 exited the area in the trucks. SCP-3051-2 was activated remotely and exploded at 6:12 AM, destroying Site-86-D and the surrounding area and emitting a pulse of unknown energy2, which extended three kilometres in all directions. SCP-3051-3 is lethal during the pulse from SCP-3051-2. After that point, SCP-3051-3 becomes benign. SCP-3051-3 energy signatures fade gradually until the next SCP-3051-2 detonation. The detonation of SCP-3051-2 concludes each loop of SCP-3051, beginning the inactive phase.

Foundations agents arrived at the remains of Site-86-D shortly after the SCP-3051-2 detonation, and Site-86-D was declared decommissioned. While cleanup was in progress, SCP-3051 exhibited anomalous properties for the first time. Researchers and MTFs erected a research camp for principal containment.

On the fifteenth loop of SCP-3051, several MTFs were dispatched to assist Site-86-D against GoI-176. After GoI-176 failed to respond to requests for negotiation, Foundation forces opened fire on GoI-176. Enemy operatives retrieved weaponry superior to that of the Foundation strike force3 and advanced to begin assault on Site-86-D. After sustaining casualties, GoI-176 returned to the trucks and exchanged fire with pursuers while leaving SCP-3051 and demanifesting. The loop concluded at the usual time and the following SCP-3051 loop was identical, even without the assembly of SCP-3051-2. Due to the inconsequential effect, MTF casualties, and SCP-3051-1 distress resulting from the intervention, further attempts have been suspended.

On the sixteenth loop, GoI-176 returned with significantly more units, as well as artillery support, and bombarded the highly populated areas of Site-86-D with unknown, highly volatile weaponry before retrieving the SCPs. On loops 17 onwards, GoI-176 returned to its previous routine but maintained the heightened number of soldiers and quality weaponry.

The only surviving Site employee was Dr. Richard Faust5, who had been absent from Site-86-D at the time of the event, in violation of curfew regulations. Sr. Researcher Valeria Faust and Security Officer Kristian Faust, Richard's wife and son, respectively, were both casualties of the event. Once informed of the existence and function of SCP-3051, Faust requested permission to remain at Site-86-D. This request was granted when Dr. Faust was proven to be willing to remain within SCP-3051 for studying, due to his specialisation in temporal misalignment and his preexisting residence at Site-86-D. The following transcript was reviewed during Dr. Faust's screening for SCP-3051 residency.

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