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SCP-3050's exterior

Item #: SCP-3050

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3050's doors and windows have all been fitted with 9 centimeter thick solid steel padlocks, with fitted iron bars covering all exteriors. SCP-3050 is also monitored by security cameras placed across the perimeter, broadcasting live feed to Site-38. In the event of civilian discovery or containment breach, Mobile Task Force Psi-7 "Home Improvement" is to be dispatched to assess the situation and reestablish containment.

SCP-3050's activation events are to be attributed to the local Foundation-owned S██-██ weapons testing facility. At the beginning of activation, any personnel within the building are to evacuate within the 15 seconds allotted time period. Any personnel unable to escape within this time period are encouraged to make use of their issued cyanide tablets.

Addendum 4.24.17: On 3/16/██, two civilians were caught within SCP-3050 during its activation event after having seen a prior event and investigating. A 2.5 meter tall containment wall has been constructed around SCP-3050 per order of O5-██ to prevent further information and containment breaches.

Description: SCP-3050 is a large abandoned complex located in W████, North Carolina, previously known as the "Ogden School." SCP-3050's interior consists of typical furniture and appliances found in American schools between 1960-1976.

SCP-3050 remains inert until its activation event, which occurs at random intervals any time of year. Preceding each activation, SCP-3050 will resound a 137 decibel alarm from an unknown source from within the facility for exactly 15 seconds. Following the alarm, all doors and windows close and are unable to be opened until the event has concluded. Upon closer investigation, "locked" exits fuse at the atomic level to walls and floors. From the exterior, all windows output a bright red light measured at an estimated 2,000 lumens. However, photon degradation occurs at .74 meters1 within the perimeter of the facility; thereby limiting area of effect. Research regarding this anomalous light is ongoing.

During the main phase of the event, all non-anomalous living human matter within SCP-3050 is reconstructed at the atomic level by means of selective reality degradation. This effect is achieved by means of precise anti-hume generators located in facilities constructed by Alexylva University. SCP-3050's event can last anywhere from 4 minutes to 2 hours. Testing logs and accounts state that the experience is painless. However, there is no consistency to the order in which body parts are reconstructed (or in the case of multiple subjects, which is reconstructed first.) Subjects undergoing reconstruction do not bleed or show wounds; all reconstructed body parts leave behind patched skin similar to post-amputation limbs.

Individuals reconstructed by SCP-3050 (designated SCP-3050-A) are integrated with objects and surfaces within the facility. Test logs and witness accounts prove that instances of SCP-3050-A are fully aware and retain most senses upon integration. Research concerning the termination of these individuals or a way to revert this effect is currently underway.

Addendum 5.17/██:"Destruction of objects containing SCP-3050-A instances does not result in death of subject. Poor bastard, we broke the chair…him. His pieces just won't stop screaming…" -Dr. Subin

Upon completion of the event, all doors and windows unbind from their respective frame and a 110 decibel sound resembling wind chimes resounds from an unknown source outside the complex. SCP-3050 will stay inert for a minimum of 24 hours following the event. Exploration is only to be undertaken during this 24 hour grace period.

Exploration Log:

Date: 1/20/████
Subjects: D-19910, a political prisoner with experience in urban exploration

  • One (1) Polaroid 600 printing camera.
  • One (1) Kant reality measuring device.
  • One (1) flashlight.
  • One (1) standard Foundation field ration.
  • One (1) standard issue pager.
  • One (1) item retrieval pack.

<Begin log>

Dr. Owens: Testing, testing- one, two, three. Can you hear me?

D-19910: Loud and clear. I'm entering the main hallway. Nothing in the foyer here.

Dr. Owens: Does anything seem out of the ordinary, D-19910? What is your meter reading?

D-19910: It's at one…"hume." Is that heat?

Dr. Owens: Ignore that. Continue exploring the facility.

<D-19910 continues exploring the facility for [7.5] minutes. Nonessential content redacted.>

D-19910: Doc, I'm hearing noises. Sounds like whispering and crying.

Dr. Owens: [to assistant] Increase the sensitivity. D-19910, remember to be taking pictures.

D-19910: I see a staircase. It's dark, the lights are a bit dim.

Dr. Owens: Head down it. Use your flashlight if need be.

D-19910: Alright. I'm in the school library…something is odd in here.

D-19910: There's…something wrong with the far right corner of the room. It's like it's pitch black, but I can see everything in it clearly. It's shimmering a little bit, too; like a car hood in the hot sun. You know?

Dr. Owens: Walk closer to it while reading your meter.

D-19910: It's decreasing very slowly as I walk towards it. What's going-

[There is the sound akin to a small explosion, and heavy microphone feedback shortly after.]

D-19910: [microphone crackling] It's…gone? The corner is normal again, but there's a bunch of junk on the floor. Papers, and…food wrappers? It's just garbage. Hey, wait. My meter is reading one hume again.

Dr. Owens: Good, that's…good. Get the papers, put them in the provided envelope within your pack and keep moving.

D-19910: Okay. I'm in another hallway, but there's just one door at the end. I'm going in.

D-19910: Oh, wow. I'm in the school's art room. Did you say this was an elementary school back in the day?

Dr. Owens: Yes, that's correct. Why?

D-19910: There's a bunch of self portraits and…statues on the walls and furniture. They're pretty great, especially for kids. I got a few pictures.

Dr. Owens: Is that all that's in there? Anything else?

D-19910: Nah, just school supplies and the like. Hold on, doc…the whispering and crying seem louder. Where's it coming from?

Dr. Owens: D-19910, investigate the self-portraits.

D-19910: Why? They're just…oh, shit. Doctor, they're moving.

Dr. Owens: Try and speak to one.

D-19910: Is this some sort of joke? [to SCP-3050-A instances] Hey, can y'all hear me?

SCP-3050-A: [No response.]

D-19910: I'm leaving, this is a waste of time. It's just some dumb magic trick. [There is the sound of a small crash.]

SCP-3050-A: [Childlike screaming.]

D-19910: Oh, God. I-I tripped and landed on a table with one of the…the things in it. Doc, they're-

Dr. Owens: Just carefully exit the facility. We need those documents.

SCP-3050-A: [Screams, pleas for help from multiple voices.]

D-19910: [Sounds of retching.] I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

<End log.>

Approximately two minutes after the last transmission, D-19910 emerged from SCP-3050 through the main entrance in a panicked state. Subject scanned for active cognitohazards (clean) and Class B amnestics administered. D-19910 was reassigned to Project ████ and no incidents have been reported.

Recovered Documents

Note: following documents recovered within the library of SCP-3050. Translated from Latin for brevity. Control of SCP-3050 delegated to Site-38. -Senior Researcher Bradley


In the name of Caesar

For the people by the students of Alexylva University



Cease operation of Alexylva execution chamber immediately. Capitol Citadel is detecting reality boreholes within the vicinity of the facility.

Humane death is not our priority.



by Caesar

Former site of Alexylva execution chamber is inhospitable. Surrounding district's reality has been rendered unstable. Evacuate immediately to avoid permanent [DATA ILLEGIBLE].



My Lord Caesar,

Work is under way to study and revert the effects of the Alexylva execution chamber. As of [DATE REDACTED] at least [DATA EXPUNGED] persons are in limbo within its walls.
All we know as of now is that the anti-reality generators are sending and receiving input from other worlds at seemingly random intervals. Perhaps someone is still running it. Regardless, we are doing all we can to access the machines and put a stop to them.

Please send orders regarding the fate of the students responsible for this disaster.

I am your humble servant.

Governor Cornelius, New World District IV

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