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SCP-3047, prior to containment.

Item #: SCP-3047

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3047 is to be held at Containment Hangar 4 at Site-06-3.

Personnel entering SCP-3047 are to don scuba gear prior to entry.


An instance of Carangoides coeruleopinnatus (coastal trevally) utilised for exploration of SCP-3047.

Exploration of the range of SCP-3047's anomalous effect is to be conducted with the aid of a stenohaline1 fish. Fishes used for exploration of SCP-3047 may only be removed from their container (which is to be filled with water suitable for the fish's survival) when both the fish and container are inside SCP-3047.

Description: SCP-3047 is an NSB Di 4 diesel-electric locomotive. SCP-3047's exterior, engine, and all items held in the locomotive are non-anomalous. The chemical composition and viscosity of air samples taken from SCP-3047's interior are identical to those of air under room temperature and pressure.

SCP-3047's anomalous effect is observable when at least one organism of the kingdom Animalia is in the locomotive's interior.

When a terrestrial animal is in SCP-3047's interior, it undergoes respiration impairment comparable to drowning. If not removed from SCP-3047, said organism will eventually expire. The use of scuba apparatus is capable of preventing respiration problems on the terrestrial animal's part.

When a stenohaline freshwater aquatic animal is in SCP-3047's interior, it will suffer from rapid loss of water and eventually expire via dehydration. Conversely, when either a stenohaline saltwater aquatic animal or euryhaline2 aquatic animal (both saltwater and freshwater) are in SCP-3047's interior, they undergo normal respiration.

Exploration of SCP-3047's interior reveals five regions of space within the fourth passenger car which do not possess the anomalous effects of SCP-3047. Each of these regions of space comprise five lines, three of which converge together at one end while two of which are parallel lines. Due to the size and dimensions of said regions of space, most terrestrial animals will be unable to utilise them for respiration.

SCP-3047 was discovered in Nord-Trøndelag, Norway on ██/██/2011. Following the locomotive's failure to arrive at Muruvik Station from Hell Station, law enforcement officials attempted to locate SCP-3047. One of the officials reported that all passengers and staff in the locomotive were deceased and his colleagues died after being inside SCP-3047 for several minutes. The Foundation later confiscated SCP-3047 from Norwegian authorities under the claim that it contained a biological agent, and a cover story regarding an avalanche that struck SCP-3047 was circulated on public channels.

Addendum 3047-1: Among deceased passengers found in SCP-3047, an unidentified female individual found in the locomotive's fourth passenger car is shown to possess non-human anatomy, particularly the presence of gills and a layer of scales underneath the human skin. Thus, the cadaver is currently classified as AI-█████.

Cause of death is identified to be a puncture wound to the head by way of a small object. Additionally, five lacerations seemingly from a five digit claw are found throughout the body. Due to the size and number of said lacerations, they are speculated to have constituted a mortal wound.

Noteworthy personal effects recovered from AI-█████ include the following:

  • A pouch containing red feathers with sharpened hollow shafts. When the feathers are held by a hand for at least three seconds and then released, they travel at a constant velocity of 700 m/s regardless of the force applied onto the feather and air resistance. One of these feathers is stained with blood matching that of AI-█████. The feathers have since been reclassified separately as AI-███.
  • A map of Norway with several locales circled and scribbled in an unknown language derived from Ogham. Translation is ongoing. Circled locales correspond to Utøya, Beisfjord, and Rognan among others. Pending further investigations.
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