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Logo for SCP-3045.

Item #: SCP-3045

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3045's installation package is to be stored on a flash-drive, which is to be kept in a secured locker on-site. Researchers may install SCP-3045 on an isolated computer for testing purposes. Once testing is concluded, this computer is to be destroyed (along with all of its peripheral components). Any computers, buildings, or facilities containing SCP-3045 must be TEMPEST-certified1.

Under no circumstances should SCP-3045 be used on any media file that directly references bees.

Description: SCP-3045 is an anomalous application ('bzzip.exe') that reduces the size of certain types of media (plain text, rich text, MOV, AVI, and MP4). It accomplishes this by producing a new file with trimmed, 'simplified' content. This file can then be reduced further; however, after a certain number of iterations, the result will be a file that contains little to no data. Additional attempts at reduction will only reproduce this final file.

Addendum 3045.1: Test Logs

Addendum 3045.2: Recovery

On 16-02-2010, a Foundation-operated web-analysis bot (I/O-SAURON) flagged several large-scale online purchases made by a California startup company ("HiveFind") as suspicious. The company's website claimed it provided "next generation algorithms, client-centric solutions, and cutting edge compression software".

Three days later, MTF Mu-4 ("Debuggers") performed a raid on the offices of HiveFind. Although the building had been recently abandoned, they found several pieces of equipment: 14 large-scale QR scanners, 15 desktop computers, and over 900 gallons of stored honey. After detailed analysis, Mu-4 determined that each QR scanner had been wired to provide control over one computer. SCP-3045 was found on one of the computer's hard-drives.

A later search uncovered over 50 dead (non-anomalous) instances of Apis mellifera (American honey-bee) spread throughout the office.

Investigations into HiveFind are ongoing.

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