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DATE: 15/12/2005
FROM: Site Director August <noitadnuof.pcs|tsugua#noitadnuof.pcs|tsugua>
TO: O5-5 Secretary <noitadnuof.pcs|ces55o#noitadnuof.pcs|ces55o>
SUBJECT: Re: Containment Breach

I'm still not quite sure what just happened.

Yesterday, our bots picked up unauthorized changes to documents on our internal servers. Two minutes later, all on-site personnel — including myself — blacked out for three hours. Every camera ceased to function during this period.

When we woke up, we all had headaches, the entire site smelled like cigarettes and cheap alcohol, two of my guards were injured, three bullets were lodged in my desk, and somebody had shot SCP-3043. The only clue we've got regarding those three hours is SCP-3043's old documentation, which has been… well, 'updated' is one way to put it. I've included it with this email, along with the revised documentation for SCP-3043.

We've got no clue who this 'Murphy Law' character is. I'm recommending we immediately assign him an SCP identification and start investigating. All the evidence we've got so far indicates that he and SCP-3043 are unrelated anomalies. Also, none of us actually remember him — despite some of us being 'featured' in… whatever the hell this was.

The short of it is this: Either he saved us from the mother of all containment breaches… or he just wanted us to think that he did. Regardless of which, we need to know who he is and what the hell he's capable of.

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