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Item#: 3042
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SCP-3042 in containment

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3042 and SCP-3042-1 are held in joint containment in a small modular house on the grounds of Biological Research Area-25. Containment includes a secure communication line to a special liaison within Area-25 and a standard custom datakey-activated atomizing termination chamber. Containment is surrounded at a radius of 15m by a 5m-high electrified and reinforced fence including a full coverage canopy (see report 3042-CB-3). Fence includes an airlock-configuration gate for safe delivery of supplies, removal of rubbish, and introduction of personnel.

Land outside containment fence is patrolled at all times by three (3) all-terrain swift response security specialists. In the unlikely event of SCP-3042 and SCP-3042-1 becoming separated outside containment house grounds, swift response specialists will expediently deliver SCP-3042-1 to SCP-3042. During test periods, delivery of subjects to test site will be executed by no fewer than five (5) members of the Special Fugitive Transportation unit.

Containment is staffed by two (2) Scheduling Enforcement specialists. Should SCP-3042-1 become medically unstable, enforcement specialists will restrain SCP-3042-1 and one (1) D-class personnel (designated 3042-D) will be delivered to containment. SCP-3042-1 will be terminated via chamber operated by 3042-D, who is then reclassified as SCP-3042-1. These procedures may also be enacted at the request of the current SCP-3042-1.


SCP-3042 is a small dog with a mottled coat; primarily white with gray and brown areas. Genomic saliva tests reveal DNA consistent with an unrecorded breed of canis lupus familiaris. SCP-3042 resembles a 4-5 year old Havanese weighing 5 kg and measuring 25 cm tall. SCP-3042 appears to be in peak physical condition, free of any outwardly observable sign of past or present injury or malady. SCP-3042 has not slept, consumed food or water, or produced urine or stool since containment. Further medical tests have proven thus far impossible due to the anomalous traits of SCP-3042.

Exhibiting behavior likened to an extreme and obsessive form of psychological imprinting, SCP-3042 perpetually exhibits belligerently affectionate behavior toward SCP-3042-1. SCP-3042 will continuously jump on, lick, play bite, paw at, and playfully bark at SCP-3042-1 even when abused or severely rejected. Thus far no stimulus tested has distracted SCP-3042 from its focus on SCP-3042-1. No individual designated SCP-3042-1 has ever been severely injured by SCP-3042 despite its extreme destructive capabilities. Occasional reports of welts, scratches, and skin ulcers due to wear from long-term continuous licking by SCP-3042 are to be considered normal and non-emergent.

Individuals designated SCP-3042-1 have reported physical and psychological symptoms during their containment including but not limited to: body aches, burning eyes, chronic fatigue, irritability, headaches, confusion, memory lapses, delusions, and seizures. Project medical lead Dr. A. Eastmore believes these symptoms to be non-anomalous, resulting from sleep deprivation and chronic stress due to the constant attention of SCP-3042.

While I respect Dr. Eastmore’s expertise and training, I am forced to disagree with his conclusion. Most people eventually sleep even with a pest, these people don’t. Testing is to continue.

-Dr. M. Gomez, Medical Director, Area 25

Should SCP-3042 and SCP-3042-1 become separated, SCP-3042 will immediately make its way back to SCP-3042-1 via the most direct route. When motivated to this end, SCP-3042 has shown the capability to destroy even the strongest materials and move at extreme speed (see Test Log 3042-A). SCP-3042 also displays an astounding resistance to physical damage, poison, disease, and deprivation. Research has yet to discover any conventional means of injuring SCP-3042 (see Test Log 3042-B); SCP-3042 has expressed canine distress behavior only once while in Foundation containment (see Documentation Log SCPX3042).

When SCP-3042-1 is terminated or expires, SCP-3042 will immediately move directly toward the next SCP-3042-1. This has thus far always been a person with a measure of responsibility in the expiration of the previous SCP-3042-1. Current containment procedures are designed to create an unbroken chain of direct responsibility for terminations, containing SCP-3042 while also preventing casualty and damage among Foundation and civilian populations. Research into how SCP-3042 reacts to SCP-3042-1 expiring by way of suicide or misadventure on hold indefinitely, as no acceptably safe methodology by which to test these reactions has been developed. (See Incident Report 3042-CB-2)

Director's note: I have assigned a Special Engineering team to modify a standard termination chamber which… and I never imagined writing these words… allows swift and easy escape of SCP-3042. We can't keep replacing doors every three weeks. -L.E.

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