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Image still taken from Experiment 14.

Item #: SCP-3040

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3040-1 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment unit. SCP-3040-1 may file for additional furniture items, which are to be reviewed and approved by site personnel. SCP-3040-1 is allowed to move around Site-███ as it pleases, as long as it is accompanied by two Level-2 personnel at all times. SCP-3040-1 is no longer granted wandering privileges. Any requests for SCP-3040 to be amputated are to be ignored by all Foundation personnel.

Only objects larger than 20 cm3 are allowed to enter SCP-3040-1's containment unit, in order to prevent the anomalous properties of SCP-3040 from manifesting. This protocol may be suspended for research purposes only. When allowed to roam the Facility, SCP-3040-1 must be presented with an item1 to hold with SCP-3040. Refusal to do so will result in a suspension of her roaming permission. If SCP-3040-1 must leave its containment cell, a 10 cm3 wooden cube is to be held by SCP-3040. This cube cannot have writing or any methods of conveying information on it.

Description: SCP-3040-1 refers to former Agent Sharlene Vangarre, who lost her left hand due to the failed capture of an anomaly in Incident ████-α

SCP-3040 refers to the area where SCP-3040-1's left hand was. SCP-3040 is not visible on the electromagnetic spectrum, nor is it detectable by chemical means. SCP-3040-1 describes it as a "phantom limb," which it senses at all times despite nothing physically being present. It states it has full control over the limb, yet expresses that the limb causes constant discomfort at all times.

SCP-3040's anomalous properties manifest once SCP-3040-1 attempts to grasp an object equal to or smaller than 20 cm3 with the missing hand. Upon doing so, the object will vanish entirely, and cannot be recovered unless SCP-3040-1 places the object in the precise location it occupied before, relative to the object's surroundings. No more than one object can be held at a time by SCP-3040. If asked to place a held object elsewhere, SCP-3040-1 will express distress and discomfort, claiming that it cannot release the object. Items that disappear appear in SCP-3040-A.

SCP-3040-A is an extradimensional void of unknown volume only accessible by items "held" by SCP-3040. GPS devices do not work within SCP-3040-A, but electronic equipment does function within SCP-3040-A if running on an internal power source. SCP-3040-A is usually empty, however some objects have been observed within video footage. No object persists for more than a fraction of a second, and the Foundation has yet to interact with one of the objects within SCP-3040-A. All objects visible within SCP-3040-A were at one point placed within SCP-3040-A. It is theorized that SCP-3040-A is a localized time anomaly that can have no effect on the outside world, excluding the act of taking the object in.

UPDATE: See Addendum 2-A for information on recently observed properties of SCP-3040-A.

Addendum 1-A:

Interviewed: SCP-3040-1, Foundation Agent that is the host of SCP-3040

Interviewer: Doctor May Nathans, medical doctor trained in treating amputees.

Foreword: This interview was conducted with SCP-3040-1 after her recovery from the incident, and resulted in the discovery of SCP-3040. Doctor Nathans was assigned to SCP-3040-1 due to her training.

<Begin Log, 12:58, 4/██/1█>

Dr. Nathans: Hello Agent Vangarre.

SCP-3040-1: …Hey.

Dr. Nathans: How're you feeling? Any lingering pains?

SCP-3040-1: Yeah. Still feels like I have my hand, but…I know it's not there.

Dr. Nathans: I see. So you feel as if you're experiencing a phantom limb, of sorts?

SCP-3040-1: Yes, doc. It's not there, I can't exactly feel an actual limb.

Dr. Nathans audibly sighs, before speaking again.

Dr. Nathans: Agent, there is no need to be so sarcastic.

SCP-3040-1: Sorry. Just…kinda strained from literally losing a hand, y'know?

Dr. Nathans: I understand.

SCP-3040-1: Anyways, why’re you here? I already had a different doc assigned to me.

Dr. Nathans: Well, after you reported discomfort stemming from your amputated limb, they referred me to check up on you. Are you sure everything is okay?

SCP-3040-1: I'm fine, doc, really. Just some PLS, that's all. That's normal-ish, right?

Dr. Nathans: It is, yes. But I need to make sure. Could you show me your arm, please?

SCP-3040-1 complies, and lifts her left arm. Dr. Nathans examines it for a few seconds, noting the stump of flesh, and nods.

Dr. Nathans: Everything seems fine visually.

SCP-3040-1: Told you.

Dr. Nathans: And it’s just a sort of ache where your hand used to be?

SCP-3040-1: An ache, and I can still feel the hand, kinda. Like an afterimage I can move. That’s what PLS is like normally, right?

Dr. Nathans: Some experience that, yes. Though it is curious how you’re experiencing this so soon after losing your hand…

SCP-3040-1: Just my body being a bit weird, doc. Nothing big about it. Don’t worry. I just need to recover and I’ll be a-okay and ready for duty again. That mission was botched from the get-go when Duncan…

SCP-3040-1 grumbles inaudibly for a few seconds, before Nathans clears her throat.

Dr. Nathans: That doesn’t matter. Since you’re experiencing some form of PLS, I’ll be sure to refer you to therapy so you can get back on the job soon.

SCP-3040-1: If they don’t let me go ‘cause of my missing hand.

Dr. Nathans: It’s very possible you may retain your position. You are right handed, yes?

SCP-3040-1: Yeah. I can still shoot with my right hand, and a simple prosthetic could give me support…I just worry, y’know? Especially for Duncan. Even though-

Dr. Nathans: This meeting isn’t about Agent Banner.

SCP-3040-1 sighs, and nods.

Dr. Nathans: Now, do you have any questions before I go?

SCP-3040-1: No, doc. I’m good. Well…

Dr. Nathans: Well what?

SCP-3040-1: I just…wanna try grabbing something. Just to prove to myself my hand isn’t there. Can you hand me that pen?

Dr. Nathans: If you wish. Here.

Dr. Nathans holds a small, ballpoint pen up, near where SCP-3040-1's hand would have been. A look of concentration crosses her face, before the pen disappears. Both are silent for a few moments, before the pen re-appears and SCP-3040-1 drops her arm.

SCP-3040-1: W…what the hell?

Dr. Nathans: …I need to report this. I'm sorry, Sharlene, but I have to.

Closing Statement: SCP-3040-1 remained unresponsive until it was transferred to its containment unit. Its phantom limb was then classified as SCP-3040.

Addendum 1-B:

Addentum 1-C:

Addendum 2-A:

Further testing within SCP-3040-A revealed multiple temporal anomalies affecting the dimension. These anomalies include the following:

  • Any electronic recording device within SCP-3040-A will have all files related to SCP-3040-A altered if placed into SCP-3040-A more than once. Alterations to the files only consist of changing all past files to contain all objects recently introduced into the time loop. Importantly, this affects any copies of the files as well, regardless of if they were present on the device at the time of re-introduction or not.
  • SCP-3040-A exists within a persistent minute-long time loop. Any item inserted within SCP-3040-A will appear within all following loops at the precise moment they appeared, and will persist for 0.25 seconds without fail. No observed objects within SCP-3040-A persist for longer.
  • Any and all living organisms will enter a form of stasis. Cells will cease to function temporarily but will not die, and all brain activity ceases as well. Organisms display no ill effects due to this stasis. Any electronic device attached to the organism will continue to function and monitor the organism, however.
  • If an object is placed within SCP-3040-A, removed, altered, then placed back within SCP-3040-A, all electronic information involving the object will change to have the most recent version of the object present. This does not affect data created before 4/██/1█.2

See Addendum 2-B for experiments relating to the discovery of these traits.

Addendum 2-B:

The following experiments resulted in the discovery of numerous, previously unknown, traits of SCP-3040-A.

Experiment 14 - 6/██/1█

Subject: The same camera utilized in Experiment 8. All files removed and uploaded to the Foundation database beforehand.
Procedure: SCP-3040-1 was instructed to grasp the camera for twenty seconds, then to place it down.
Results: The camera disappeared, much like the previous objects, and appeared once again once SCP-3040-1 released it. The camera was fully functional afterwards.

Analysis: “Footage from Experiment 14 shows no new anomalies. Comparison with Experiment 8, however, revealed a new trait of SCP-3040-A. All footage regarding Experiment 8 now matches Experiment 14, though it appears to have been shot from a different angle. None of the files show any tampering, and have not been viewed since my original viewing. Further experimentation is required. This is potentially concerning.” – Dr. Klaus

Experiment 15 - 6/██/1█

Subject: A new GoPro camera of the same make and model used in prior experiments.
Procedure: SCP-3040-1 was instructed to grasp the camera for three minutes, then to place it down.
Results: Footage from Experiments 8 and 14 was not overwritten. Camera was undamaged and still fully functional.

Analysis: “SCP-3040-A did not cause the data of Experiment 8 and Experiment 14 to change. It is not similar objects that are affected, but the exact same object. Also of note is the length of the observed pattern. All objects persist for the same amount of time, and all objects appear at the same time without fail. This indicates either a time loop, or a constant repetition of patterns. Due to the other temporal traits of SCP-3040-A, I am inclined to believe it is a time loop.” – Dr. Klaus

Incident 3040-1 - 6/██/1█

On 6/██/1█, video footage containing the coffee mug utilized in Experiment 13 appeared to change, despite the files being unedited. This coincides with a separate experiment performed by Dr. Klaus, which utilized the same coffee mug without any fluid in it.

At approximately 12:35 in Site-██ on 5/██/1█, numerous researchers can be seen around a table. An empty coffee mug4 is seen on the table, adjacent to numerous papers. One researcher reaches for the papers, and inadvertently causes the mug to fall on its side. All adjacent papers appear to stain, as if coffee was poured on them, despite no coffee being visible in the mug. Researchers scramble, and act as if coffee had been spilled despite no liquid being visible on the video feed.

At 13:56 on 5/██/1█, the same mug was seen in the hands of Dr. Klaus. He motions as if he is drinking it, yet no liquid is seen within the mug.

After this incident, Dr. Klaus asserted that in both situations, the mug had been full of coffee. He claimed that a similar effect had been observed with earlier testing of SCP-3040-A, but it did not affect non-digital objects.

"What was once thought to be an isolated dimension now shows that it can literally alter digital history. Memories, physical evidence, and everything else is unaffected. But digital recordings can be completely rewritten, and we may never know. The fact it can rewrite our records without our awareness – without a trace – is enough for me to ask for a reclassification to Euclid, and perhaps seek ways to neutralize it. Primarily for the safety and preservation of our data. SCP-3040-1 must be kept under careful observation. Allowing it to wander the facility now may prove too dangerous unless specific actions are taken to minimize the chances of SCP-3040 altering information on our records.” - Dr. Klaus

Further testing of SCP-3040-A has been suspended to maintain stability and reliability of digital records. SCP-3040 upgraded to “Euclid”. Any requests for amputation of SCP-3040 are to be rejected until further notice.

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