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Item #: SCP-3039

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Any copies of SCP-3039 are kept in a sealed, opaque storage locker at Site-39. Newly discovered instances are to be retrieved by agents who have been immunized to SCP-3039’s effect. Affected civilians are to read an instance of SCP-3039 to completion before amnestization in order to assure both removal and immunization to SCP-3039's effect.

Description: SCP-3039 is a set of 34 contained instances of a paperback novel, titled An Antiquated Guide to Avoiding Writer’s Block. There is a high possibility of thousands more instances currently uncontained. The author, R. Sebastian, designated PoI-2665, has authored several other anomalies; attempts to track and capture this person are ongoing. The contents of the object are suspected to be highly saturated with infohazards, due to the nature of the object. themselves non-anomalous. The cover features a cognitohazardous image of a nondescript, grey rectangular prism. Upon viewing the image, any exposed parties will be affected by the manifestation of SCP-3039-1.

SCP-3039-1 are rectangular prisms identical to the one depicted by SCP-3039’s cover. Instances of SCP-3039-1 appear whenever an afflicted party (the subject) attempts to record data in any physical fashion. The objects consistently manifest in a location that disallows the subject from recording said information, appearing covering a keyboard when attempting to type or obscuring a paper when attempting to write. Once manifested, SCP-3039-1 are unable to be shifted or damaged, and only dematerialize once the subject ceases attempts to record. Once a subject is under SCP-3039’s effect, no method of removing the effect has proven effective at removing it. See Experiment Log 3039.

Sustained interaction with SCP-3039-1 has proven deleterious to mental health, causing intense enmity and irrationality in subjects. This is theorized to be an additional effect of SCP-3039-1, and not human reaction to the anomaly, due to the extreme shifts in the typical composure of several test subjects.

During the first retrieval, 22 personnel were affected by the object before its effects were fully comprehended.

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