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Item #: SCP-3038

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3038 is situated on the wall of Warehouse 52 ███████,██████ Scotland. A 10m2 reinforced glass antechamber surrounds the object, accessible only by key card, and remains under constant surveillance. A perimeter has been established around Warehouse 52 manned by security personnel at all times.

No internet enabled devices are permitted beyond the perimeter. All requests and reports regarding SCP-3038 must be handwritten and delivered via specially assigned couriers. No other form of submission will be accepted. Research personnel must be psychologically assessed at least once a month, with any signs of mental deterioration detailed, and low evaluation scores resulting in immediate reassignment.

Description: SCP-3038 is a white, wooden door. It has an ornate Victorian brass door knob and a large key hole through which light cannot penetrate. It is unknown whether it opens inwards or outwards, if at all. Individuals report a sense of discomfort when within 5 meters of SCP-3038.

When in operation, all companies utilising Warehouse 52 declared bankruptcy within three years, each one claiming staff shortages. When investigated, SCP-3038 stood out as being out of place. The object does not appear on any warehouse floor plans, and while connected to an external wall, it can not be located anywhere from the building exterior. There is no record of anyone opening SCP-3038, even when clearance is given.

Currently, little is understood about SCP-3038, and in general progress has been unsatisfactory. While frequent, reports are often inconsistent, repetitive, and difficult to verify. Numerous experiment proposals have been granted. However, subsequent reports only contained further proposals. These proposals often stressed a need for more materials and D-class personnel in a tone implying that the initial experiment was never carried out.

A number of hypotheses have been collated from all submitted reports. Each outlines a possible attribute of SCP-3038.
See Addendum 3038.1

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