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SCP-3037 prior to containment.

Item #: SCP-3037

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3037 is to be kept in a standard Safe class storage locker at Site-19. When it is being transported, personnel are not to hold it in their hands; rather, it may be slid onto a wheeled cart and pushed to its destination.

SCP-3037-A instances created for testing are to be terminated at the conclusion of each test. Additionally, no more than one instance of SCP-3037-A is to exist at any given time. In the event that multiple instances are created, all of them are to be terminated.

Description: SCP-3037 is a miniature model of the walled city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Its base is an irregular octagon that resembles a square measuring 9 centimeters on each edge, and it is composed of plaster and painted with acrylic.

Persons who hold SCP-30371 are designated instances of SCP-3037-A. Instances of SCP-3037-A believe themselves to actually be the city of Dubrovnik, and speak exclusively in Serbo-Croatian. Amnestic treatment has thus far proven ineffective in reversing these effects.

SCP-3037-A instances have also exhibited anomalous physical changes corresponding to current events in the city of Dubrovnik. Any damage sustained by the city causes corresponding bodily harm to instances of SCP-3037-A, which cannot heal unless the city of Dubrovnik is also repaired. A notable example of this was observed in December of 19912 (see Incident Log 3037-Alpha).

Testing has shown that this relationship is not reciprocal. Instances of SCP-3037-A may be harmed without causing corresponding damage to the real city of Dubrovnik.

Instances of SCP-3037-A believe themselves to be parents of SCP-3037 itself. As such, they are reluctant to put it down or expose it to harm; if they are forced to give up SCP-3037 or it appears to be damaged, they show reactions consistent with those of parents whose children have been harmed.

Multiple concurrent instances of SCP-3037-A may exist at any given time, and appear willing to put down SCP-3037 only if they are handing it over to another instance. Even when these instances are aware of each other's existence, they do not show signs of distress. If, for example, there are ten SCP-3037-A instances in existence, they claim that there exist eleven copies3 of the city of Dubrovnik, all of which are parents of SCP-3037.

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