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An unmutated instance of SCP-3035

Item #: SCP-3035

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All known instances of SCP-3035 are contained in Site-173 (a decommissioned Foundation site). Site-173 has two entry points: Entry A and Entry B.

Entry A, the primary entrance, has been buried beneath 4 meters of concrete. Entry B, a vacuum-tube transit system, is used for deliveries to and from the interior of Site-173. MTF Nu-13 ("Rasczak's Roughnecks") is to maintain a provisional base at Entry B. They are to terminate any instance of SCP-3035 on sight.

Approximately once a week, a package will emerge from Entry B's vacuum-tube system. Typically, this package will contain various non-anomalous materials (see below). Each package is to be placed in quarantine, where it is to be examined, documented, and then incinerated.

Entry into Site-173 is prohibited until further notice.

Description: SCP-3035 is a strain of Periplaneta americana (American cockroach, or water-bug) that mimics the behavior and outward appearance of organisms it observes.

This mimicry is superficial. For example: While an instance of SCP-3035 may reproduce the coloration and behavior patterns of bumblebees, they will not reproduce a bee's complex social network or unique form of communication.

Instances of SCP-3035 will mimic each other more rapidly than other organisms. This leads to a feedback loop: One instance will adopt a new attribute, only for all other instances to immediately mimic the first instance, acquiring the attribute for themselves.

It should be emphasized that this mimicry is only a shallow approximation — an attempt by some as-of-yet unknown process to 'look' and 'act' like something else. Regardless of the extent of this mimicry, instances of SCP-3035 still retain many of the characteristics associated with cockroaches.

Addendum 3035.1: Site-173 Documentation

Addendum 3035.2: Exploration Logs

► ACCESS SCP:/3035/recon_logs/march_2007.log

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