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SCP-3027's consonant inventory.


SCP-3027's vowel inventory.

Item #: SCP-3027

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3027-1 is to be kept in a standard Humanoid Containment Cell at Site-19. It is not to have any contact with Junior Researcher Green, nor may Junior Researcher Green be made aware of any information regarding SCP-3027. To prevent this from occurring, she has been reassigned to Provisional Site-███.

SCP-3027-2 is to be stored in the High-Security Archives of Site-19. Access to SCP-3027-2 is permitted for research personnel of clearance level 3 or higher, but no personnel, regardless of clearance level, may attempt to memorize or internalize its contents. Similarly, the information in this document is to be considered Eyes Only and may not be copied or memorized.

Despite SCP-3027-1's misuse of SCP-3022, no disciplinary action is to be taken, pursuant to a vote by the Ethics Committee, citing SCP-3027-1's Foundation-aligned intentions in its violation of regulations.

Description: SCP-3027 is a spoken and written language,1 brought to the Foundation's attention by an alternate version of Junior Researcher Green, hereafter designated SCP-3027-1. SCP-3027-1 intentionally used SCP-3022 without authorization to enter our reality from a parallel reality, designated PR-3027-Babel, in order to preserve knowledge of SCP-3027 and study it in a controlled environment.

Unlike this reality's version of Junior Researcher Green, who is a monolingual English speaker, SCP-3027-1 is fluent in both English and SCP-3027. Much of the Foundation's information concerning SCP-3027 was provided by SCP-3027-1.

SCP-3027-2 is a copy of Complete Grammar and Dictionary of ███████ for English Speakers, published by Oxford University Press in 1950 in PR-3027-Babel, brought to this reality by SCP-3027-1. The number of pages within, as well as the content of those pages, has been observed to vary while SCP-3027 is being spoken or written by SCP-3027-1.

SCP-3027 itself is believed to have originated in the northern Italian peninsula in PR-3027-Babel. In all other known realities, it was supplanted by Indo-European languages many centuries ago. Based on information provided by SCP-3027-1 and a short interview with SCP-3027 itself, it seems that SCP-3027 is sentient, and perhaps sapient. In general, it is known not to be hostile to humans; however, it is extremely territorial, viewing its 'territory' as the entire domain of human communication.

SCP-3027 is capable of exerting its will by changing the meaning of words and morphemes in its lexicon at a presumably unlimited speed in the minds of any or all of its speakers. In this way, it manipulates human communication and indirectly plants ideas in the minds of its speakers to serve its own purposes.

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