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Item #: SCP-3025

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3025 is to be stored in a standard Storage Locker at Site-██. Testing must take place in a sealed chamber. Test chambers must be cleared for use before testing. Clearance is given to test chambers that show no sign of leakage when under 0.5 megapascals of internal air pressure. Test chambers are to remain sealed until it can be confirmed that SCP-3025 has exited its active state. Recovered items and personnel are to be quarantined until an investigation has confirmed that no anomalous properties are present. As of ██-██-20██, testing of SCP-3025 is prohibited. When in transit, SCP-3025 must remain inside a hermetically sealed container at all times. SCP-3025 is under review for reassignment to Keter class.

Description: SCP-3025 is a white feather, thought to be a primary feather from a black-billed magpie (Pica hudsonia).1 Under most circumstances, SCP-3025 is inert and presents no anomalous features. When completely submerged in any solution composed of more than 80% water, SCP-3025 enters its active state. When in the active state, any solid or liquid matter within the same enclosed space as SCP-3025 will seem to spontaneously combust, except for SCP-3025 itself and the solution it is submerged in. An enclosed space is defined as a continuous region through which air molecules can travel unhindered. Matter that is physically bonded (e.g. weld, airtight seal) to the boundary surfaces of the enclosed space is not affected. Any additional space added to the testing chamber while SCP-3025 is in its active state will be treated as a continuation of the enclosed space, and objects within the new space will be affected by SCP-3025. No upper limit on the size of an enclosed space has been found. Objects that undergo spontaneous combustion leave no ashes or remains of any kind.

Testing with GPS trackers has shown that radio contact is maintained after combustion and that there is no measurable change in position before and after the active state is achieved. SCP-3025 will remain in its active state until 23 hours after it is removed from the solution. Further details from testing are listed in Addendum 3025-1.

It is hypothesized that objects affected by SCP-3025 continue to exist within an extradimensional space (SCP-3025-A). Video cameras and live subjects affected by SCP-3025 report a barren landscape, with few traces of life. Early exploratory missions have revealed the presence of silver and gold deposits near the surface. No samples from SCP-3025-A have ever been recovered. Further details from exploration missions are listed in Addendum 3025-2.

Any objects affected by SCP-3025 will remain within SCP-3025-A for the duration of the active state, after which they will appear in the test chamber at the same locations they occupied at the beginning of the active state. Any changes in composition or structure sustained while SCP-3025 is in its active state will remain. Upon cessation of the SCP-3025 active state, there is a low probability that an anomalous entity will manifest within the test chamber. Any such entities are referred to as SCP-3025-B. Instances of SCP-3025-B have no unifying characteristics beyond their anomalous nature. A list of SCP-3025-B instances can be found in Addendum 3025-3.

Addendum 3025-1

Addendum 3025-2

Addendum 3025-3

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