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Item #: SCP-3022

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Every instance of VIP-576 must keep one copy of SCP-3022 on their person at all times. All instances of VIP-576 are to remain at Site-19 at all times.

Redundant copies of SCP-3022 are kept in Storage Lockers 813-A, -B, and -C. Any individual in possession of such an item must be detained, and if possible, their baseline-universe Foundation must be contacted in order to establish a plan of action.

Monomyth Protocol: All restrooms at Site-19 possess hooks affixed to the interior of each stall via electromagnet. In the event of Type 5+ Containment Breach at Site-19, or a K-Class event of any kind, these electromagnets should be automatically deactivated, and VIP-576 should be instructed to activate SCP-3022 as soon as possible. All alternate universe Foundations with which the baseline Foundation is in contact must also follow this protocol, whether or not they possess a copy of VIP-576.

Description: SCP-3022 is an object constructed primarily of steel, approximately 13 centimeters in length and weighing 316 grams. When held by an unaccompanied human in a stall in a public restroom which possesses no hook suitable for hanging a coat or similar object, SCP-3022 will transport the holder to an alternate universe in which the stall possesses such a hook and is unoccupied.

In most cases, the difference between the origin universe and the destination universe is minimal (<14°). Timeline divergence generally occurs no earlier than the construction of the venue in question, and follows the Least Differences Principle.

A universe's tendency to receive instances of SCP-3022 is likely a function of how deliberate the decision to install hooks in a particular facility was — those in which the decision was made in accordance with established design principles have few similar universes in which hooks were not installed. The baseline Foundation has acquired ██ instances of SCP-3022 from individuals traveling from alternate universes.

The principles of SCP-3022's operation, as well as its origin, are unknown. It was originally recovered from the possession of ████-██████ █████████, a civilian who appeared inside SCP-984 on 2016-08-08. He was attacked by a rabid grizzly bear while inside SCP-984, and escaped with fatal injuries. Prior to Mr. █████████'s death, it was established that SCP-984 displayed no anomalous properties in his baseline universe, and that he had received SCP-3022 from an unspecified friend. Investigation of the baseline-native Mr. █████████ has found no involvement with anomalous activity and failed to locate any instance of SCP-3022.

Addendum: SCP-3022 is the only portable item in the Foundation's possession that enables substantial cross-universe transportation. By order of the O5 Council, SCP-3022 has been allotted to VIP-576 to use as a last-resort measure to avoid death and/or fundamental reality alteration. Cross-universe coordination under the Monomyth Protocol has ensured that, when activated, SCP-3022 will transport VIP-576 to a universe in which no major containment breach or K-Class event is occurring.

Currently, VIP-576 is the only Foundation-controlled VIP that is likely to remain relevant in the aftermath of a K-Class Scenario, and as such, the Monomyth Protocol has not been expanded to include other VIPs.

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