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Item #: SCP-3020

Object Class: Spiteful motherfucker

Special Containment Procedures: Individuals acting as hosts for SCP-3020 are to be allowed to self-terminate through whatever means they wish.

Description: SCP-3020 is a parasite that causes bouts of depression and anger by eating the chemicals that make dopamine serotonin and epinephrine. The only way to cure SCP-3020 is by killing yourself, or someone killing you.

I saw Claudia the other day. They let us visit. Hugging doesn't work if you're both infected. We were repulsed. We fought.

She thought I had been screwing someone else before I got infected. I tried to tell her that I wasn't.


Claudia is

the last thing i heard her say was "i hate you". then she tried gouging out my eyes before the guards pulled her off, and i heard her screaming all the way down the hall as people in yellow suits marched me into a decontamination shower and shoved me into a new cell.

"I hate you."

That makes two of us. I did this to you. I'll infect a dozen more before I die.

Anything that I can use to hurt myself has been taken out of the room. I've been moved to a cell with the bed attached to the wall. My computer screen is a projection, and my keyboard is a touchscreen.

I want to die. You won't let me die. You won't let any of us die.

I thought I could help us, too, when I studied them. I thought I could fix them.

you can put glue on a shattered glass, but you can't fix it.

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