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An instance of SCP-3012-1 found in the Cleveland Metroparks underneath a bridge. The Dybbuk event was followed by the bridge's complete structural failure.

Item #: SCP-3012

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, SCP-3012 is uncontained. Foundation AIs (ATLS-67 and GRGN-2) are to monitor street cameras in major cities and internet communications for appearances or descriptions of SCP-3012-1.

Mobile Task Force Gamma-42 (“Buzzkills”) is currently focused on acquisition of the entity, if possible, along with cleanup of Dybbuk events. Cleanup of Dybbuk events require administration of appropriate amnestics to affected civilians and removal of confirmed instances of SCP-3012-1. All research into SCP-3012 is to focus upon a method of predicting Dybbuk events.

If possible, SCP-3012 is to be contained during a Dybbuk event. Due to the use of the Scranton Reality-Anchor in containing SCP-3012's former form, all MTF G-42 members are to be equipped with handheld SRAs.

Archived Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-3012 is an incorporeal entity at the source of Dybbuk events. Prior to its physical form expiring, SCP-3012 was contained under the same designation at Site-93's Anomalous Humanoid Wing.

SCP-3012's primary effect involves the creation of SCP-3012-1 instances at locations where children and teenagers congregate. SCP-3012-1 refers to messages that spontaneously appear inside and around the location of a Dybbuk event. Instances of SCP-3012-1 are drawn in charcoal, red paint, and, in rare cases, crayon. SCP-3012-1 instances vary in content, but most involve threats of grievous bodily harm and routinely incorporate the names of individuals within SCP-3012's current location. SCP-3012 has also demonstrated the ability to cause visual and audio phenomena at the site of a Dybbuk event, normally manifesting in dark figures and laughter without a source.

Dybbuk events are defined by the appearance of SCP-3012-1 instances. Dybbuk events precede the occurrence of an event that could potentially prove fatal to one or more of the targets; the apparent purpose of Dybbuk events is to motivate the targets to evacuate the area before this event occurs. The method SCP-3012 uses to predict these events is unclear.

Examples of SCP-3012-1 Instances:

Smoke the Reefer, Meet the Reaper

Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin KeVI N i love you and i need you to say with me i need you to stay here and i need you to never leave

Tick Tock, Little Boys. Tick Tock.

[Full Name Deleted] I Am Going To Eviscerate All You Hold Dear In This World

help me oh god help me he's here he's coming please hel

[This message appeared next to a crudely drawn pentagram] The Father Rises. Rejoice.

Cry Cry Cry All You want you Can't Get AWAY from the boogEyman

Get Out Of My Fucking House

let me fucking touch you just once let me fucking touch you eddie you smell so pretty

Archived Interview-3012-2W:

Archived Interview-3012-7W:

Archived Interview-3012-17W:

Archived Document-3012:

Holy Heck! How did you even find your very own Mr. Ominous by Gamers Against Weed!? What does it even mean for an entity to be discontinued? When you stop playing with a toy, does it die? Who is Dr. Wondertainment?

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01. Mr. Literal Serial Killer
02. Mr. Normie
03. Mr. Bernie Sanders
04. Mr. Get Anything For Free In Any Shop
20. Mr. Sex Number
21. Mr. Heavenly Virtues
22. Mr. Deadly Sins
23. Mr. Original Character
24. Mr. D.A.R.E.
25. Mrs. Gentrification
26. Mr. Mad About Video Games
27. Mr. Meme
28. Mr. Ominous (discontinued) ✔
29. Mr. Destiny
30. Mr. Monty Python And The Holy Grail
31. Ms. Zapatista
32. Mr. Hax
33. Mr. Just Has The Tattoo
34. Mr. Top Text and Mr. Bottom Text
35. Mr. Finale

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