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Item #: SCP-3010

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The word ‘Causal-Absent Paranoia’ is to retain a dictionary definition as follows: ‘the healthy brain overreacting to natural stimulus due to overindulgence, excessive stress, lack of sleep, and other such strains to the mind and body.’ All cultural and social references to the word must be kept in this manner.

An instance of SCP-3010-1 is to be contained utilizing a series of falsifications to trap its ‘presence’ inside a dummy household. One D-Class personnel with extreme reclusive tendencies and a verifiable response to SCP-3010 is to be staged there at all times to prevent containment breach. The D-Class is not to be informed of their role, classification, or location, nor are they to communicate with any outsiders. The D-Class must, in all cases, believe himself to be trapped in an abandoned, unfamiliar house with the entity, completely alone.

The household has 32 windows and 46 mirrors. The following rooms are to be lit: the Bedroom, West Hall, Grand Hall, Rec Room, and storage. No other rooms have light fixtures. Food is to be periodically restocked when the resident D-Class is a suitable distance from Storage. There must be a Scranton Reality Anchor posed at each corner of the building, and two in the vault in the household's basement.

Through the windows, a falsified night-time countryside is to be constructed, and kept in a perpetual state of darkness. The door must be bolted shut and reinforced with steel, all windows must be fitted with 7.5 centimeter thick windows of bulletproof glass, and all walls lined with a 5 centimeter thick steel composite.

These procedures are privy to immediate alteration upon discovery of more effective mass-containment for SCP-3010-1 instances.

Description: SCP-3010 is the anomalous byproduct of a nearly undetectable entity, hereby classified as SCP-3010-1. SCP-3010 is characterized as a sensation of "being watched", similar to that of being intensely stared at or observed unwillingly by another human or sentient being.

SCP-3010-1 and its effects are inconsistent in their manifestation unless certain specific requirements are met. In particular, small spaces, single-room areas, sterile environments (closed off hospital rooms, Prisons, etc.), and Foundation containment cells prove ineffective at causing it to manifest. The only known way to bring about an instance of SCP-3010-1 with complete consistency is to stage a single human in a house, or something resembling a living space of at least 500 square meters with minimal lighting. Any other cases of SCP-3010-1 appearance seem to be random.

The entity has few known physical traits, and a certain set of tendencies in its pursuit of others. It only pursues solitary humans, generally between the age of 16-40. It cannot pursue pilots of automobiles or other fast-moving vehicles. Its most common victims tend to be alone in their own property, and the time-frame follows the trend of 12:00 a.m. to sunrise, which limits the sample space to individuals with a tendency to remain awake at those times.

Often times those who experience SCP-3010 tend to report it from behind. If their back is to the wall, they tend to avoid the nearest window or dark corner. Mirrors cause extreme aversion in sufferers of SCP-3010, and they often flee to sections of their house that lack both of the aforementioned objects.

SCP-3010 sufferers can not sleep under any circumstances. This is not due to fear, but a fundamental part of SCP-3010-1 that manipulates the parts of the brain that control melatonin production, dream regulation, and sleep induction, making them completely inoperable. It is assumed to be caused by a very faint insertion of a gaseous substance into the local atmosphere. This is classified as CAP-induced-insomnia and also given a medical explanation.

SCP-3010-1 is perceived as passively hostile to humankind. It has a specific set of triggers that, when activated, will cause it to [DATA EXPUNGED] the subject. Detail in Addendum SCP-3010-A.

The triggers tend to be the following: Actively hunting the source of SCP-3010 with intent to destroy or harm, prolonged contact with mirrors, windows, or unlit rooms, long periods of sustained silence, direct contact with the ‘presence’ of the entity, panic, blood, and any attempt to contact other human beings.

If two of these triggers are met greater than 3 times (with the exception of attempted contact or awareness of the entity, which instantly activates it), the entity will "activate", performing one of the previously mentioned acts. The rate of survival is precisely █ %.

Avoidance of human interaction (e.g. avoidant disorders) can either have an extreme attraction effect or an extreme repellent effect on the entity. Individuals who excel in human interaction (particularly sociopaths) produce a strange, relatively unknown effect that can cause several severe anomalies. Testing is not advised. One such incident is detailed in "Recordings from D-17729".

Currently, Site 2C is utilized primarily for information gathering. As there are likely hundreds of thousands of instances of SCP-3010-1, it is considered less of a containment operation and more of a wildlife observation venture. If any information on the nature of SCP-3010-1's presence, congregation, locations, quantity, or otherwise related traits are discovered, they should be reported to Site-2C's Overseers immediately, upon which any needed containment procedures will be amended. Mass containment of SCP-3010-1 instances are a high priority.

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