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Document prepared by: Doctor Connor Teach
Date: 2017-04-20

Item #: SCP-3002

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: See Document 3002-6. All contaminated people must be destroyed, including former staff, family, and acquaintances. Staff must be vetted by either O5-1 or O5-2, before access to this document or any remaining staff is allowed.

Description: SCP-3002 is a sapient memetic entity capable of and currently attempting to create an MK-Class End of the World Scenario.1 SCP-3002 does not have a definite form; instead, it resides in any information or memory to which it has access. While within a person's mind, SCP-3002 is capable of mimicking, altering, and removing their memories. There does not seem to be a limit to the changes the entity is capable of performing. When SCP-3002 mimics a memory or piece of information, the original information becomes an additional instance of the anomaly. In doing this, the anomaly is capable of being present in all information and memories of a person.

Once all facets of a person's mind have been contaminated, the person effectively loses conscious control of their bodies. Generally SCP-3002 allows her victims to live and act normally; however when she encounters an unexposed person, she will influence all people in the area to converge on the person and forcefully expose them. While being controlled by SCP-3002, victims show no self-preservation instincts.

SCP-3002 is extremely hostile, and is actively attempting to find and kill or contaminate all remaining Foundation personnel. She seems to be searching for any personnel involved with Project Lethe and Site-E, an undocumented Foundation research facility located in Uzhanskyi National park.

SCP-3002 is capable of spreading between people through the exchange of information. As she is able to mimic any information, all information is considered a vector of SCP-3002. It is currently believed that 78% of the human population is contaminated by the entity, and that 84% of new information and content created since ██/██/2014 contains SCP-3002.

SCP-3002 has displayed an extreme level of adaptability, preventing it from ever having been fully contained. In addition to this, several key Foundation employees were effectively being controlled by SCP-3002 since its initial discovery. With access to internal Foundation procedures and plans, she was able to avoid being properly detected or analyzed for some time.

Document 3002-6: Due to the widespread contamination of SCP-3002, containment is impossible. Remaining staff members may submit proposals for the termination of the anomaly.

Proposal: Contact known groups and persons of interest for additional aid. -Dr. Kent Mayfield
Command Response: Approved (9-4)

  • Global Occult Coalition: No response
  • Unusual Incidents Unit: Response. O5-1 confirmed the presence of SCP-3002. Response destroyed.
  • Manna Charitable Foundation: No response
  • The Horizon Initiative: No response
  • GRU Division "P": No response
  • Office For the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts: No response
  • Prometheus Labs, Inc.: No response
  • The Chaos Insurgency: Response, an unintelligible vocal recording.
  • Anderson Robotics: No response
  • Marshal, Carter, & Dark: Response. O5-1 confirmed the presence of SCP-3002. Response destroyed.
  • Are We Cool Yet?: Response, a box filled with several hard drives and digital storage devices containing copies of and plans for several anomalous art pieces.
  • The Serpent's Hand: Response, a message reading "We are unable to offer support this time. We fear she is among us now. - WL"
  • "Nobody": Response, a small note reading "You should have expected this."

Proposal: Destroy all information and contaminated people, repopulate the earth using SCP-2000. - Dr. Connor Teach
Command Response: Declined (2-8)
Follow-up: No follow up.

Due to the massive distance between our current location and the location of SCP-2000 and the fact that no communication has been established with the site, our current consensus is that SCP-2000 and its staff have been contaminated. We do not feel the risk is worth the attempt. - A. Veles, O5-1

Proposal: Create an anti-meme capable of suppressing SCP-3002 for a temporary amount of time. - Dr. Kent Mayfield
Command Response: Approved (5-4)
Follow-up: An anti-meme capable of suppressing all memetic threats was created, based on the memetic countermeasures used by RAISA. During testing, it was discovered the anti-meme had no effect on SCP-3002. It is believed that the anomaly altered the anti-meme in a similar method to how it normally affects memories.

As SCP-3002 seemed to be able to emulate an anti-meme, we began investigation into the possibility that it was capable of hiding itself as an anti-meme within a person's mind, effectively making them an unconscious agent for it. Following this lead, we discovered more than six people were contaminated in this fashion, including multiple members of the O5 Command. - C. Greene, O5-8

Proposal: Initiate the Ganymede Protocol. We need to start over. - Dr. Connor Teach
Command Response: Declined (2-6)
Follow-up: No follow up.

There is no reason to enact such a drastic action. - C. Greene, O5-8

Proposal: Investigate further into Project Lethe, in an attempt to find a possible way to stop her. - Dr. Connor Teach
Command Response: Declined (1-3)
Follow-up: No follow up.

There is no reason to investigate further into that project. Nothing additional will be gleaned from it. In addition, the O5 Command has reasonable cause to believe you have been contaminated. Termination will occur shortly. - A. Veles, O5-1

Proposal: Restart
Command Response: No Consensus (1-1)

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