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Item #: SCP-3000-EX

Object Class: Explained

Special Containment Procedures: Containment is no longer required as of 10 April 1987. The items previously designated as SCP-3000-1 through -4, together with related materials, have been returned to civilian authorities.

Description: SCP-3000-EX is the collective designation for a set of four modified hospital beds and other items which were originally hypothesised to have mind-affecting properties. Comprehensive testing of SCP-3000-EX, PoI-3000-1 and all other materials recovered in conjunction with SCP-3000-EX, have confirmed that they are not anomalous.

A full list of SCP-3000-EX items is set out below:

  • 4 x hospital beds (date of manufacture no later than 1975). The beds have been modified by the attachment of short lengths of metal pipe of various sizes and configurations. The pipes are attached to the side rails of the beds by metal clamps, or have been imprecisely welded in place.
  • 7 x IKEA-brand directional floor lamps (2 without bulbs) together with extension leads and power strips.
  • 12 x bottles of sleeping pills
  • 9 x pairs of handcuffs, together with several sets of what appear to be improvised manacles. Several of these were attached to the metal pipes on the hospital beds.
  • 6 x steak knives
  • 1 x knife sharpener
  • 1 x chest freezer containing multiple cuts of red meat. Meat was later identified as beef.
  • 3 x eviscerated human corpses (all teenaged males). The bodies were later identified as those of Gavin Staub, Mitchell Clark and Jerome Simmons, noted in Texas state records as missing persons.

SCP-3000-EX was recovered on 4 April 1987 following interception of Tarrant County police communications with a high incidence of trigger phrases. Key phrases included "murder", "ritual", "kids", "flesh", "speaking in tongues" and "cult-like". Agents from Site-73 were deployed to the crime scene, a suburban house in Arlington, Texas owned by Carl Fraser (designated PoI-3000-1). PoI-3000-1 had been arrested by county officers.

All SCP-3000-EX items were located in the basement of the house. The bodies were handcuffed or manacled to hospital beds by the wrists and ankles, and had been dead for between five days and three months before discovery. All three corpses were emaciated and showed signs of malnutrition and starvation over a period of at least four weeks. Their torsos were smeared with a combination of human and animal blood. Cause of death was determined to be severe internal bleeding, organ damage and disembowelment, likely with the steak knives found at the scene. Each of the bodies was found holding a steak knife in its right hand.

Further investigation uncovered a pit dug beneath the garage, filled with quicklime and containing body parts from at least ten unidentified individuals.

Based on the use of animal blood and the apparent self-inflicted wounds, Foundation agents suspected the possibility of a compulsion effect generated by the hospital beds or other SCP-3000-EX materials. All items were removed by the Foundation for testing, and PoI-3000-1 was taken into Foundation custody, with local law enforcement amnesticised as necessary.

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