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SCP-300-J when recovered from ██████ offices, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Item #: SCP-300-J

Object Class: Shatterproof Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-300-J is to be kept in a locked containment box in storage. Level-2 researchers are permitted to worship test SCP-300-J per Site director discretion.

Description: SCP-300-J is the a omniscient sentient, magnificent standard brand, crimson red plastic ruler of the kingdom of storage box 397-E with the supreme gift anomalous ability to affect all mention of its raw power existence. No imperfections measurement markings are indicated on its divine body surface.

Once a peasant human acknowledges its perfection existence, SCP-300-J will try to remind convince them that IT IS it is a ruler of a kingdom. SCP-300-J does this by enlightening interrupting all forms of human communication. SCP-300-J's authority compulsion is noted to be easily overcome not for long, filth, usually by correcting any statements involving the object.

Once mortals behold visual contact is made with SCP-300-J, it will begin to gift communicate with observers telepathically, often interrupting thoughts and redirecting them to its greatness its presence.

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