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SCP-2998 reinstated and reclassified Keter 15/12/16; this documentation published 11/02/17.

This document is for consumption by Level 4 personnel and above. Details of this document are not to be disclosed to lower-level personnel without prior approval.

Item #: SCP-2998

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-2998-A is not currently considered possible with available technology. Foundation efforts are to be concentrated on planetary defense as first priority. Foundation Research is developing theoretical means of offensive measures against SCP-2998-A.

Full containment of SCP-2998-B is not possible at present with available technology. Propaganda efforts are to be made to discourage use of technology that requires reception of electromagnetic signals, including radio, television, and Internet. Operation Blackout is currently under consideration as a more complete containment method for SCP-2998-B; Level 5 personnel are permitted access to Document 2998-Delta containing details of Operation Blackout. All Foundation facilities listed as Priority 2 or higher are to begin preparations for Operation Blackout; all Foundation facilities listed as Priority 3 or lower are to begin preparations for evacuation or abandonment of their facilities. See Document 2998-Omicron for lists of SCP items considered eligible for summary decommissioning in the event that their transfer reduces the efficiency of evacuation efforts.

Civilians believed to be SCP-2998-C instances are to be terminated on sight by any Foundation personnel. Behavior indicative of SCP-2998-C instances include: periodic gross motor deficiency, advanced cooperation between individuals without verbal communication, unusual but frequent hemorrhaging, and any questionable use of the word “Adidal.” Foundation personnel suspected of SCP-2998-B infection are to be detained until thorough interrogation or examination can be conducted. Unit and Site commanders are to have complete jurisdictional authority over their subordinates with regards to SCP-2998-C containment and suppression; decisions made in this area are not subject to external review.

All lower levels of Foundation personnel are to be provided with documents containing need-to-know information for operational use, along with RAISA-designed propaganda intended to improve morale. All levels are to believe their operational documents represent the highest level of informational awareness.

Description: SCP-2998 identifies all anomalous phenomena associated with the 12/12/2016 extraterrestrial incursion into translunar space. SCP-2998-A describes the alien object occupying the Earth-Moon L5 position. The object consists of five hundred twelve (512) spheroidal pods linked to a cylindrical central axis by flexible tethers. The propulsion method of the object is unknown; the object appears to be obscuring its own energy output, though each of the pods seem to propel themselves independently of but in conjunction with the central axis. Whether the object is manned, controlled remotely, or operating with an autonomous AI is unknown.

SCP-2998-B describes all electromagnetic signals emitting from SCP-2998-A. These signals often vary in frequency, amplitude, and wavelength, and may be transmitted either as broadcast or narrowband signals; their common features appear to be their alien origin and their purpose, which is to create instances of SCP-2998-C. SCP-2998-B signals have been transmitted along most of the frequencies and wavelengths used by human technology, including radio, television, Wi-Fi, cellular telephone, and GPS devices.

SCP-2998-C describes all humans that have been exposed to SCP-2998-B and are operating under the control or influence of SCP-2998-A. SCP-2998-C instances comprise approximately 3,400 individuals at last estimate, not including 5,238 individuals captured or terminated by Foundation authorities. SCP-2998-C appear to possess a series of motivations, including the [DATA EXPUNGED—SEE DOCUMENT 2998-Ы]

Document 2998-Ы: Five instances of SCP-2998-C have been captured alive in the two months since the alien incursion to the time of this writing. Three of these instances were able to commit suicide through various improvised means, frequently using their teeth or nearby objects. One of these instances was uncooperative and succeeded in destroying her vocal apparati and causing herself sufficient brain damage to render her uncommunicative. SCP-2998-C-Gamma was successfully captured and transferred to Site-203 for interrogation. The following interview was conducted by Containment Specialist II Barbara Whitman; no intelligence retrieval technicians were available to conduct the interview.

Containment Specialist Whitman: Can you enter your name into the record?

The subject is bleeding heavily from the nose and ears, though no cause for the bleeding was ascertained.

SCP-2998-C-Gamma: No name you what we. Body shell. Name it not know. No name we.

Whitman: Can you describe the function of the object in orbit around our planet?

Gamma: No planet you. Planet aaaaaaaa —

Bleeding intensifies.

Gamma: Planet Adidal. You Adidal. All Adidal. Adidal you praise. Adidal you praise will. Adidal all praise will.

Whitman: Can you describe the reason for your entry into our solar system?

Gamma: No solar system you. Solar system Adidal. All Adidal —

Whitman: (interrupting) Why…are…you…here?

Gamma: Darkness here. Scum here. It Adidal hurt here. It Adidal hurt come back. It Adidal hurt hurt more. It Adidal hurt hurt all time. Adidal make Ruhar hurt.

Whitman: Ruhar is here? How?

Gamma: No name we. Sometimes body we. Sometimes thought we. Idea we. Ruhar idea make here. Ruhar idea in one here.

Whitman: Again, how is the fugitive here?

Gamma: Adidal Ruhar hurt. Adidal Ruhar hurt, make idea not make out. Make out other place. Ruhar idea not leave. You —

Blood begins emitting from tear ducts.

Gamma: You make Ruhar leave, you look Ruhar. Thing in you. Thing in you good idea us live. Ruhar one us. Ruhar leave into you. We leave into you. We Ruhar look will. We Ruhar find will. You in way. You in way we forget.

Whitman: You…you forget us? What does that mean?

Gamma: Idea you we forget. Idea you we make forget. You in way, we idea you make forget. Make forget all time. No one idea you remember. We make you gone. We make you no place.

Site-203 was attacked and overwhelmed by SCP-2998-C instances four hours after the conclusion of the interview.

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