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This document revised 12/01/14; new information highlighted in blue.

Item #: SCP-2998

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation has modified radio frequency and electronics manufacturing standards worldwide to avoid civilian production of devices capable of receiving SCP-2998. Internet, radio, and print communications monitoring efforts by relevant Foundation departments are to be on alert for images or descriptions relating to SCP-2998. Additionally, personnel and D-class are to be exposed to the signal associated with SCP-2998 in order to determine eligibility for Project Rosetta and permanent assignment to SCP-2998.

The frequency on which SCP-2998 is broadcast is to be monitored regularly for any change in SCP-2998 content. All extraterrestrial vessels and probes are to be modified covertly to include equipment designed to monitor for the presence of SCP-2998 off-world. Research to determine the source of SCP-2998 and the background behind its content is to continue as a Class 2 priority effort.

Description: SCP-2998 is an electromagnetic signal with a constant frequency of 2485 MHz. Its power and origin cannot be determined; the signal appears to be invariably present at all locations throughout the known solar system. The signal seems to lack a single point of origin; rather, current analysis suggests SCP-2998 is being broadcast with a power of 1.86 mW, which in combination with the large coverage area of SCP-2998 suggests that multiple [DATA EXPUNGED] in size. The signal was believed initially to be an anomalous but innocuous white noise present at that frequency; minor variances suggested the presence of some other information within the signal, but no means to decode SCP-2998 were developed until 2011, and more complete methods of determining SCP-2998's full content have been developed since.

The signal was found to contain a digital video transmission with a monaural track. The video appears to depict a humanoid entity of an unknown species floating in a dark room; while no context is provided for the image, the reflexive body language and high-pitched noises being emitted by the entity seem to suggest it is in extreme physical distress. No other entities have been seen within the video feed and no external source of harm has been noted. However, certain features within the image suggest that some sort of abnormal telekinetic phenomena are occurring; the entity frequently appears to be pushed or moved, and brief images of background objects within the room suggest that some gravitational field is present, implying the entity's midair position is not due to zero-gravity conditions and the entity is being held in place by an unknown force.

Addendum 2998-A: SCP-2998 has been theorized to contain additional information that has yet to be decoded. Some components of the TV signal currently appear as noise by Foundation decoding techniques; several researchers involved with SCP-2998 have concluded that this would not be expected, given the complexity of the encoding and transmission technologies behind SCP-2998. Current theories include three-dimensional stereoscopic data, some kind of [DATA EXPUNGED] neural activity. Theory confirmed; please see Addendum 2998-B for further information.

Addendum 2998-B: While no mechanical or technological means have yet been devised for decoding the data within SCP-2998 previously considered extraneous, Incidents 2998-Beta and 2998-Epsilon have revealed that certain humans possess unusual neurological traits (presently believed to be an abnormal nerve bundle connecting Brodmann areas 41 and 42 to the dorsal amygdala) that allow them to perceive additional informational output from SCP-2998 in the form of simulated emotional connections. A full transcript of the debriefing of affected personnel D-099238 and D-398398 has been classified Level 4; access to these documents may be granted at the discretion of designated disclosure officers.

SCP-2998 reclassified as Euclid as of 22/12/13 on authority of O5-11.

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