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Item #: SCP-2996

Object Class: Euclid Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2996 is to be contained within a standard Incorporeal Entity Vacuum Chamber at Site-81. This chamber is to be fitted with 4 Non-Physical Displacement Neutralizers (nPDN). SCP-2996 may be allowed to request certain items for entertainment.

Once weekly, SCP-2996 must undergo a routine psychological evaluation with an on-site psychologist in order to properly evaluate SCP-2996's mental state. Due to current concerns about the state of SCP-2996's mental health, the appropriate use of Class-H Electrostatic Amnestic Treatment has been approved, if necessary.

Updated Containment Procedures: Due to the effective use of the nPDNs, it is possible to now perform physical examinations of SCP-2996. These exams must be performed once weekly as part of an ongoing effort to collect information regarding the physical nature of incorporeal entities.

Updated Containment Procedures: As of 08/19/2012, SCP-2996 has been declared neutralized. All aforementioned containment procedures are no longer required.

Description: SCP-2996 is a Class II Incorporeal Humanoid Entity, initially discovered in an abandoned home in Nashville, Indiana. SCP-2996 appears to be a young human female of European descent with black hair and blue eyes, and a number of visible wounds across the entire body, including a major gunshot wound to the right eye. Although SCP-2996 is by default an incorporeal entity, the use of nPDN devices has allowed Foundation personnel to "anchor" SCP-2996 into a physical state during examinations. It is currently hypothesized that the use of these devices, along with other aspects of containment, is the source of SCP-2996's deteriorating mental/emotional state.

SCP-2996 claims to be eight-year-old Emily Nash, the subject of a murder in Nashville, Indiana, in 1929. Data recovered from various sources have supported the claim that an Emily Nash was found dead in her home; however, the listed cause of death was suicide. During interviews, SCP-2996 has rejected any evidence that supports suicide, and has vehemently remarked on several occasions that its killer was a close friend and neighbor, one thirteen-year-old James Franklin. The existence of this individual in Nashville in 1929 has not been verified; however, efforts to collect additional information are ongoing.

Psychiatric Evaluation Results: There is concern, to me, about the state of SCP-2996's emotional health. The object clearly is at odds with evidence presented to it, as well as its current state of containment. Throughout interviews, it has become clear that SCP-2996 believed that it lingers in this world in order to enact revenge upon its killer, and that it was a powerful, unbound spirit. This, of course, is in direct conflict with both information that we have provided to SCP-2996 in regards to its death, as well as its containment within Site 81. SCP-2996, then, is no longer certain about a number of things, which has led to increased anxiety in the subject, as well as depression and suicidal thoughts. Given the nature of its being, the latter is of utmost concern.

-Dr. David Rudolph

Addendum 2996.1: Initial Psychiatric Evaluation Interview 06/05/2012

Addendum 2996.2: Psychiatric Evaluation Interview 07/01/2012

Addendum 2996.3: Psychiatric Evaluation Interview 07/28/2012

Addendum 2996.4: Psychiatric Evaluation Interview 08/04/2012

Addendum 2996.5: Final Notes 08/28/2012


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