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Item #: SCP-2992

Object Class: Euclid Pending Keter Reclassification (See Interview 2992-18)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2992 is kept in an anechoic chamber, furnished as a regular humanoid containment unit. All personnel interacting with SCP-2992 are to have scored a minimum of 4 on the Memetic And Mind-Affecting Resistance Exam. All personnel interviewing SCP-2992 are to have scored a minimum of 6 on the Memetic And Mind-Affecting Resistance Exam. In exchange for positive behavior, SCP-2992 is allowed one album of their choice at the beginning of every month. The album will be delivered in FLAC format and uploaded to their music player.

Description: SCP-2992 is a physically normal African-American male of 1.8 meters in height and 62 kg in weight. SCP-2992 is currently 24 years of age and has brown eyes and hair. SCP-2992 was born as Jayden Williams and has previously operated under the online pseudonym "ProfetiX".

SCP-2992 has multiple memetic effects. A given subject may be affected by these effects by hearing certain sounds produced by SCP-2992 itself or listening to music that has been suggested by SCP-2992, either by word or on online playlists. Both methods of infection produce the same effects.

SCP-2992's primary effect triggers when a given subject listens to one or more suggested songs. Once affected, a given subject will perceive the continuous playing of previously heard music. This continuous playing is interrupted only when the given subject listens to new music. This effect spreads when affected subjects suggest any music to others and the suggested music is listened to, regardless of source.

SCP-2992's secondary effects include changes of behavior, such as the increased tolerance for different genres of music and a strong desire to seek more obscure music to listen to and suggest to others. These are also spread when they are expressed by an affected subject to others.

SCP-2992 claims it had previously been a mundane human before contacting an unknown entity (tentatively referred to as SCP-2992-1). According to interviews, SCP-2992 claims that SCP-2992-1 is an intangible, sapient entity capable of existing wherever the memetic effect spreads. It is also apparently the cause of the memetic effects. It is unknown explicitly what the relationship between SCP-2992 and SCP-2992-1 is. However, it is currently believed that containment of SCP-2992 will also contain the tentative entity SCP-2992-1. See Interview 2992-18 for details.

Further interviews with SCP-2992 are currently underway in order to verify SCP-2992-1's existence.

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