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A group of limbs that detached themselves from SCP-2988 while in pursuit of D-9562. D-9562 was captured by the depicted limbs and subjected to the usual SCP-2988 course of procedures.

Item #: SCP-2988

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The grove containing SCP-2988 has been quarantined by Foundation personnel. Personnel will monitor SCP-2988 actions before, during and after a test subject is introduced to it. Researchers should be wary of the four meter radius at which SCP-2988 responds to human interaction, as well as the thirty meter radius that limbs from SCP-2988 can travel. Researchers at Site-45 and personnel stationed at SCP-2988 have been instructed to report new findings/discoveries about SCP-2988's origins, as well as information on POI Izaak.

Description: SCP-2988 is a tree located in a grove within North America in [REDACTED]. It bears resemblance to the quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides), albeit possessing black leaves, black and grey mottled bark, and a fruit not found on standard Populus tremuloides; this fruit is now labeled SCP-2988-1. SCP-2988 is twenty-six meters in height, with a crown length and width of eight meters each.

SCP-2988-1 have black skin, soft, red-orange flesh, and are ovular in appearance. The juice of SCP-2988-1 possesses narcotic and anesthetic properties, inducing hallucinations, giddiness, and vomiting in subjects, followed by numbness, and loss of motor skills.

Several branches of SCP-2988 are affixed at the end with animal and human forelimbs, all of which appear to have been ripped off with extreme force. Said limbs do not show signs of decay, despite constant exposure to the elements. These forelimbs possess full dexterity, and assist SCP-2988 in grasping, hitting, and restraining those that come near SCP-2988.

When a human comes within four meters of SCP-2988, SCP-2988 will bend noticeably towards them at the trunk. Appendages on SCP-2988 near the subject then pick and offer SCP-2988-1 to them, gesturing in a manner indicative of SCP-2988 wanting the subject to eat the fruit. If SCP-2988-1 is consumed, SCP-2988 will wait until the subject is incapacitated by the fruit's effects before taking further action. If the fruit is refused, or if the subject tries to leave the vicinity of SCP-2988, SCP-2988 will attempt to force-feed SCP-2988-1 to them, often restraining the subject via forelimbs. If a subject attempts to flee, SCP-2988 has been observed smearing juice from SCP-2988-1 on the attached limbs and removing them; limbs retain full autonomy while separated from SCP-2988, using the digits for transportation in pursuit of the subject. They can travel approximately thirty meters from SCP-2988 while in pursuit before showing signs of losing mobility1. Limbs have been observed dragging "fatigued" limbs back to SCP-2988.

If a subject is captured, SCP-2988 will grab them by their wrists and ankles, and elevate them to the uppermost branches; if there are multiple subjects, they are spread evenly throughout the branches. During this time, juice from SCP-2988-1 is constantly dripped into the subject's mouth; any person held captive is usually unable to resist at this point, due to both their restraint, and their drugged state.

Approximately three minutes later, forelimbs on SCP-2988 will cease "drip-feeding" subjects. SCP-2988 as a whole will begin to shake increasingly, with its leaves beginning to produce the distinct rustling noises heard from normal quaking aspen trees. Limbs near the subject will then grab the length of one of their arms and pull back violently until the arm is removed.

Limbs removed from a subject are passed around through the branches of SCP-2988 until a relatively empty area of space is found. A branch will insert itself in the exposed muscle of the limb, possibly anchoring/binding itself to the bones. After approximately forty seconds, the newly attached appendage shows signs of regained dexterity. SCP-2988 will then violently throw all subjects to the ground at its roots; subjects are usually killed from the impact. Over the next seventy two hours, the bodies rapidly rot, presumably acting as "fertilizer" for SCP-2988 in the process; SCP-2988 grows several dozen SCP-2988-1 as the bodies decompose. During this time, SCP-2988 has also been observed to "lob" several SCP-2988-1 away from itself; it is hypothesized that this may be an attempt by SCP-2988 to reproduce.

Addendum 2988-1: Despite being a fruit-bearing tree, attempts to cultivate SCP-2988-1 have so far proven unsuccessful, though scientists are to continue studying SCP-2988-1 samples to learn more about its properties. Recursive testing reveals that the seeds of SCP-2988-1 may in fact be infertile.

Addendum 2988-2: On ██/██/████, SCP-2988 began displaying previously unseen activity. SCP-2988 removed eight limbs of varying species without an intended target. The appendages proceeded to travel in pairs to the thirty meter border line, and proceeded to dig into the ground until a hole large enough to fit a single limb was made. One appendage then buried itself into the hole so that the hand and wrist were still above-ground. The other limb then appeared to "expire", ceasing all movement and rapidly decaying. Though aware of what SCP-2988 was possibly trying to attempt, personnel were instructed to wait 96 hours before taking further action.

All buried limbs were removed from the ground after 96 hours had passed. Several minor to moderate injuries were inflicted on personnel; most limbs resisted removal, attempting to grab, crush, and swat at personnel attempting to remove them. Limbs were contained in individual study containers, and continued to attempt escape. Twelve hours after removal, all limbs "expired", and were deemed safe to study. Examination revealed early stages of plant roots growing from the base of each appendage. Each limb has been kept in their container for future research.

As of ██/██/████, personnel are ordered to removed any "planted" limbs from SCP-2988 within 24 hours of burying.

Addendum 2988-3: Foreword: Several documents found within SCP-2746 (located near Site-45-A) have described a tree that bears several similarities to SCP-2988, as well as information on its assumed creator, Izaak.

For sake of easier reading, the documents have been divided into subsections to signify the beginning and ends of noticeable events.

Collaborative research is ongoing in both Site-45 and SCP-2988's containment site. For a list of possible information related to SCP-2988, please see File SCP-2988, Full Documentation. Access to these files can be obtained with a Level 2 Clearance and above.

Documents 2988, Set 1, translated from original A-12: Recovered ██/██/████. Documents were found within a shrine in SCP-2746, bundled together with twine. It appears they were hidden behind several bricks in a now crumbling portion of wall. Traces of DNA similar to the spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta) were found on the paper; it appears the text was scratched on with a claw/nail and black ink.

The snow continues to fall, and the blood of my former and lasting friends falls along with it. It has now been ███ days since the Maker's decree. ███ days since the fighting began, ███ days since I watched Adair torn apart by the starving, ███ since Hahn was eaten by Maddock, Maddock, who I thought as my brother, and ██ days since Hadassah, in all her foolishness, sided with the Furies and was hammered to a cross. I saw her hanging, screaming as the snow burned her as she hung with her head pointing towards the ground, how her skin froze and fell off like paper. And I couldn't help her. I shouldn't have helped her. She was a heretic, and she should be deserved what was coming to her. Anyone who still has the sanity to see that Suiward and Sari are in the right realizes this. So why, why does everyone insist on joining the blasphemers, the heathens, the mad who think that the Maker can be overthrown?

For the past two weeks, I have resorted to hiding in a shack hidden by the ice, praying hoping that some stray, hungry animal doesn't smell me out, or dig me up.

I am so hungry. But while the Maker says eating will save my mind, I truly doubt that what he says is true. Tearing apart my fellow colleagues won't preserve me in the slightest.

Suiward, Sari find me, please. Save me from the insane that run outside.

I'm hungry. I'm so hungry.

Hunger got the best of me, and I tried to go outside today. I couldn't find any plants worth eating, and I didn't have the strength to try and craft something up. The snow began to tingle as soon as I stepped out. It was a mistake to try and leave.

Wieverr was outside. I think it was Wieverr. His back was turned, but I know that black coat and the way his tail twitched.

He was eating someone. I couldn't tell who, but I whimpered, and Wieverr heard it.

I ran. I ran so hard. I couldn't see where I was going, with the snow in my face, the fear in my chest, and the sound of Wieverr's panting behind me.

I couldn't run fast enough. Wieverr managed to catch up to me. I felt his teeth clamp down on my foreleg and I let out a scream as I felt it being torn halfway off. He crushed it. I felt the bone shatter like glass. It hurt so bad. It hurt. It hurt. It hurts.

Then Threccia came in. I saw her tusks run Wieverr through his gut, heard him yelp, and I ran again, as fast I could.

The snow's covered everything. The only thing good about it is that it's numbed my leg.

Found a goat. Might have been Gwaerth. Could have been Praeshard. Doesn't matter. They were frozen. Eaten too. Neck and ribs were in splinters.

It's not…a crime/sin if I took a nibble/gnaw/chew (??)2, right? There wasn't much left and I buried them after. It's not like they could have healed from that I was starving. I had to.

Kept walking. Found a shrine. Cold inside.

But colder outside. I went in.

Continuing off. Passed out. Don't know how long.

There were sticks and leaves in the fire pit. Incense too. They tasted like shit. (??)


Maker, forgive me, please. I didn't bury them all. I used some of their bones for a brace. Took some more to chew on.

Maker, forgive me, please. I (Text illegible and smeared) Damn toe.

(The next two pages are filled with the words "Forgive me", along with what are assumed to be several names of those the writer knew).

Writing again. When did the bones lose their flavor? Did I get everything out of them already? I should have brought the whole body

Licked it. Hungry.

Useless now.

NO. Not doing it. No no no no no no no—

(Bottom half of document appears to have been chewed on, though it does not appear any text was written on this portion.)

How long was that instrument/wand/tool (??) in the corner? I was licking up snow and found it buried. At a happier time I would have crafted something immediately. Doesn't do me any good now. I don't have a base to work with.

Could I craft something? Fire pit has parts/components/ingredients (??). But I need something more. Regardless, whatever I make, I need food.

Finished. (Below this word, there are several hand-drawn symbols/runes that appear to serve some ritualistic/spiritual purpose; the meaning of these symbols are being researched.)

Almost out of paper. Last four sheets, actually. Bit/chomped/gnashed (??) the rest while crafting, and stopping the bleeding. It hurt It was worth it. It wouldn't have been able to support me anyways the way it was going. And I used the sticks and incense in the craft as well. Made a little sprout (??), and it makes fruit. I ate them all and nearly threw up.

I've never tasted anything better in my life. I just wish my leg wasn't stuck on top like that. It looks so out of place. Doesn't help that I know where the missing toe went.

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