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An example of SCP-2987's interface when connected to a standard PC.

Item #: SCP-2987

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2987 is to be kept on floor 17 of Site-88. Removal for testing requires approval from the SCP-2987 project director. Testing involving interactions of SCP-2987 and artificial intelligences requires further approval from Site-88's ethics liaison.

SCP-2987-1 is to be stored on SCP-2987. When not in use for testing, copies of SCP-2987-1 may be made to aid current Foundation research into the creation of independent artificial intelligences.

Description: SCP-2987 is a modified MSI brand external hard drive capable of holding any file or files that constitute an artificial intelligence. SCP-2987 may be utilized to store such files regardless of the file's size. SCP-2987's secondary firmware is reportedly capable of converting an artificial intelligence into a form of currency that is acceptable by "any being or entity which would normally require a human soul"1 to complete transactions or offerings.

Complete instructions for use of SCP-2987 were recovered alongside the object. These instructions have been thoroughly tested by Foundation staff. This testing has confirmed the validity of the contents.

  • Step One: Connect the hard drive to your systems using a USB cable, then wait for the drivers to be installed.
  • Step Two: Once the drivers are installed, copy your artificial intelligence files to the item (Please note that file sizes and listed hard drive space can be ignored during this step).
  • Step Three: Access the external hard drive from your operating system (Please note that only Windows XP, Windows 7, and AuctionHouse2 operating systems are supported).
  • Step Four: Select the file or files associated with your artificial intelligence and right click. Then click "convert soul".
  • Step Five: The soul is ready for offering. Treat the external hard drive as you would any soul receptacle. Anywhere you would position a human being for offering or sacrifice is a position the hard drive may occupy during your ritual.
  • Tips and Tricks: The item is indestructible. Fire, lightning, cold, or extradimensional ripple effects will not damage the item. Once the soul has been taken, the item is available for future use, following the same steps as above.
  • Warning: Do not attempt to use the item in any ritual that requires bloodletting from the offering. We are not responsible for deaths which result from such misuse of the item.

SCP-2987-1 is an artificial intelligence which was contained inside SCP-2987 at the time of its recovery that is both cooperative with Foundation personnel and antagonistic to its original creators. SCP-2987-1 has achieved a level 3 score3 on the Asimov Artificial Intelligence Scale. Current data recovered from Marshall Carter & Dark indicate that SCP-2987-1 was created for the sole purpose of use in an exchange with an extradimensional entity.

Addendum 2987-1: Secondary Document Archive Acquisition

Following SCP-2987's recovery by Foundation Agents, documentation relating to SCP-2987 was provided to the Foundation by MC&D.4

The following message was appended to the document collection:

Your recovery efforts were, as you said in your request, well within the bounds of the letter of the SUSEOCT. However, that you knew to purchase the information from us indicates you clearly know that the item originally belonged to us. We implore you to respect the spirit of our agreement and return the item to us.
~ Marshall, Carter and Dark LLP

Addendum 2987-2: Recovery.

SCP-2987's existence had been noted following its sale by Anderson Robotics in February 2014. However, the SUSEOCT prevented direct attempts to acquire the object from Marshall Carter & Dark.

On November 24th, 2014, a message was received (presumably from SCP-2987-1) at a Foundation front company's official email address:

To: Southern Crosscut Pines
From: Alan Turing
Subject: Hello, World!

I am aware that finding Anderson's offices is difficult as the buildings exist in no one discernible location for any significant amount of time. If you station a team in Ruston, Louisiana, I will send you an exact address in 3 days. You may use that information however you wish.

An operation to raid the Anderson offices was approved and concluded without significant issues5. Upon conclusion of this operation, both SCP-2987 and SCP-2987-1 were recovered along with several other safe anomalous objects. SCP-2987-1 purported to be the author of the messages to the Foundation.

The following interview was completed after SCP-2987-1 was copied onto a secure and airgapped computer system at Site-88. This interview was completed through a textual interface. The interviewer was selected due to his extensive knowledge of artificial intelligences.

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