Outside The Box

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Item #: SCP-2986

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2986 is kept on floor 9 of Site-88. Any person wishing to use SCP-2986 must have approval from personnel with at least a level 2 Security Clearance. Any objects recovered within SCP-2986 are to be housed in a secure locker adjacent to the chamber.

Description: SCP-2986 is a cardboard box that was originally utilized in the delivery of a Whirlpool refrigeration unit (addressed to Jupiter, Florida). When SCP-2986 is entered and sealed, the object will take on the appearance of the interior of a space-faring vessel. Technology within the vessel is beyond that of current human development, but appears to be designed for the use of humanoid individuals.

The vessel can be exited through manual operation of a decompression chamber located in the ship's rear. While outside of the vessel one is subject to vacuum. There are no stars visible from the vessel's vantage point to indicate its location. Writing on the side of the spaceship reads “voyajer”. The vessel is capable of moving at speeds faster than light and appears to have an unlimited fuel supply. Despite this fact and years of testing, no other object, lifeforms, star, or planetary body, has been found within SCP-2986.

Three corpses were discovered inside the object upon recovery. The ship’s crew were listed as “Pirate Jimmy Billings”, deceased at 55, “Sara Ackerman”, deceased at 55, “Capten (sic) Billy Abraham”, deceased at 56, and "Mary Jones", missing. Written records by these individuals indicate that the vessel encountered various lifeforms during the first twelve days of use by these individuals, then sparingly for 7 years afterwards. There is no record of an encounter for the remaining 43 years.

The cause of death for Sara Ackerman and Jimmy Billings appears to be a single gunshot wound to the head at close range. Billy Abraham appears to have committed suicide soon afterwards. No signs of a struggle are evident on any of the three bodies.

The vessel's operating system utilizes a variant combination of Spanish and Chinese. Several written and recorded logs in English have been recovered from the computer system that originate from vessel's deceased occupants. No audio logs belonging to Mary Jones are recoverable from the computer records. The following is the most recent log which references the individual.

Pirate Jimmy Billings's log: Day 4958
If we turn around maybe we can find the Gorblaks again. Or the Pufferkins. I barely remember them, but I know they existed. Billy says it was all a dream. That it's still a dream. That we'll wake up one day. He says we just have to keep going.

Mary agrees with me. She says she's going to go talk to Billy tomorrow.

Addendum A:

Missing person reports from Jupiter, Florida indicate that Billy Abraham disappeared in 1965. School records, however, indicate that the remaining individuals continued attendance until 1977.

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