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Televono Telefex Secrecy-8 Startup Screen

Item #: SCP-2982

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2982 must be kept in a secure small item container. Telecommunication signals are to be inhibited as per Multiple Redundancy Procedure 023-Telexicon except when under test/exposure conditions, during which time Procedure 662-Dripfeed is to be followed.

Description: SCP-2982 is a mobile phone, make/model Televono Telefex Secrecy-8, running an unknown proprietary operating system with an unknown service provider. Televono is not a recognised manufacturer. No other instances of SCP-2982 are known of and the make/model has not been traced to any known organisation or concern.

It has the anomalous, autonomous ability to import a user's pre-existing contacts, including highly sensitive, secret information that only the contact may be aware of, and to make congruous changes to the real life contact based on changes made to the contact information on the phone.

The results include (but are not limited to) changes in:- eye colour, weight, sexual orientation, religious belief, mental wellbeing, quality/length of life.

SCP-2982 came to the indirect attention of the Foundation following the monitoring of numerous trigger events (including suicides, suspicious accidental deaths and sudden onset personality changes) in the greater Beacon Hill area of San Antonio, Texas by Early Warning Unit Wormwood-33 in January 2015.

The common denominator was identified as Beacon Hill resident Harold Maine (also referred to as SCP-2982-01); however, Maine drowned in his toilet in an apparent freak accident on 2015-02-03 before Foundation personnel could make contact.



Current Situation: Current location of SCP-2982 and Alexander Lazarus is unknown. Locating same is of paramount importance and Operation Blank Cheque is in place to facilitate this.
  • On 2015-03-03, O5 council member 07 received a 43-second anomalous video message which showed her sleeping in bed, with Lazarus standing naked over her. This is proof positive that Lazarus is now actively using SCP-2982, reasons unknown.
  • SCP-2982 was misappropriated with only 37% of Core 1/contact tests completed, and 0% of Core 2/Structure tests complete. Conclusions: The Foundation cannot confirm the full extent of the anomalous properties of SCP-2982.
  • Communications have been sent to all staff to report any suspicious telecommunications-based behaviour from any source to line management immediately; under no circumstances are they to delete any phone contacts without Site Director clearance.
  • Surviving contacts of all instances continue to be monitored via Anomalous Signature Recognition operations.
  • As of 2015-03-07, all contacts mentioned in SCP-2982-01's notes have died.
  • As of 2015-03-08, 67 of SCP-2982-02's contacts have died, including its two children Ellen (age 12) and Sarah (age 8).
  • At 19:41 on 2015-03-11, Subsite 23-Delta-K6 Chief Security Officer Frank Onegra stepped out in front of a moving truck and was killed instantly. An examination of his browsing history at work and on his private laptop at his residential property revealed 49 separate searches that day for the phrase "Locked-In Syndrome."


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