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Item #: SCP-2978

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-2978 are currently contained in Site-17, secured in a biometrically locked chamber. The containment chamber, and all SCP-2978 communities within, are to be observed at all times using high-speed HD camera surveillance and digital microscope systems. Access is limited to Level 2 staff.

No storage peripherals exceeding 128MB in size are to be inserted into any SCP-2978-A instance. Should populations of SCP-2978-B increase to over SCP-2978-A capacity, additional sections of compatible hardware are to be added to prevent overpopulation events.

Addendum-2978-02: Following Test-2978-23, a second biometrically secured entrance has been added outside the primary containment cell. Additionally, no wireless networking peripherals are permitted for use with SCP-2978.

Description: SCP-2978 consists of two anomalies, SCP-2978-A and SCP-2978-B.

SCP-2978-A is a collection of ██ anomalously modified Intel D945GCPE microATX motherboards normally found in Intel Pentium 4 Personal computers. Anomalous properties are only apparent when examined in close proximity. All components of the motherboards are modified to function as a miniaturized urban city environment.

All USB ports of SCP-2978-A were occupied by ██ [REDACTED] brand 256MB USB drives when recovered. These thumb drives have resisted all attempts at removal thus far (Number of thumb drives reduced to ██, see Event-2978-Beta).

SCP-2978-B are a race of silicon-based, humanoid individuals measuring 400-500µm in height and weighing 50-80µg variably. All SCP-2978-B have a green skin tone with no visible hair; however, each individual has a unique physical appearance, behavior and personal life within the SCP-2978 community. SCP-2978-B emulate a human society, with technology analogous to the 1990's. Individuals use a modified version of English for communication and do not need sustenance.

SCP-2978-B have a lifespan of approximately 90 hours (this includes: birth, schooling, careers, reproduction, family life and death). High-speed camera equipment is required to observe individuals' daily lives.

SCP-2978-B seem incapable of perceiving humans, the exception being an individual named "Our Father" (hereafter referred to as POI-2978). SCP-2978-B can, however, be physically interacted with, causing various detrimental effects to their perceived normalcy. References to POI-2978 appear in media and religious depictions in SCP-2978 communities.

Once compatible hardware makes physical contact with an SCP-2978-A instance, it will be converted into an SCP-2978-A, by SCP-2978-B individuals, within 11 to 15 hours depending on complexity. Hardware manufactured after 20██ does not seem to be affected by SCP-2978-A's modifications. Current theories are that SCP-2978 instances have a set software version, only updated by the creator of SCP-2978. This would have stopped after 20██, the year of containment.

All communities are named "Motherburg", with the suffix "V1.x" added to each new iteration. On all SCP-2978-A instances, the following will be printed on an upright transistor, located near the edge of the motherboard: "Welcome to Motherburg, Population:(variable)". As of 04/10/20██, "Motherburg V1.██" is the last community to have been built.

No power source is utilized for the functioning of SCP-2978.

SCP-2978 was found in the home of discredited bio-engineer Dr. █████ ██████ after a fire almost destroyed his residence. A total number of ██ SCP-2978-A instances were destroyed in the fire, with ██████ SCP-2978-B deaths. SCP-2978 media covered the event for 3 months and a memorial plaque was erected on SCP-2978-A-1 by its community. Dr. █████ ██████'s current whereabouts are unknown.

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