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Item #: SCP-2975

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The remains of SCP-2975 are monitored by Observation Post SYN-Alpha-019, staffed by members of Mobile Task Force Sigma-3 ("Bibliographers"). Any unusual activity is to be reported immediately to Site-19 Command.

Description: SCP-2975 is a demolished house on the outskirts of the city of [REDACTED], originally built over an extensive cave system, leading to a crevasse extending an unknown depth into the Earth's mantle. This crevasse is now inaccessible. It is unclear whether it has simply closed, or no longer exists.

SCP-2975 was considered a historical landmark by the local community, which was aware of its anomalous status, and colloquially referred to it as a "haunted house" and "The Memory House". With a few exceptions, most members of the local community attempted to prevent the discovery or containment of SCP-2975.

On 03/06/████, a group called the Order of the White Sun attempted to use SCP-2975 as a ritual conduit to cause an XK-Class end of the world scenario. This was discovered by analysis of information patterns collated by Mobile Task Force Sigma-3.

A series of localized CK-class reality shifts occurred during the operation to neutralize SCP-2975, obscuring the specific events which took place. However, the ritual event was terminated, and SCP-2975 was demolished by Mobile Task Force Psi-7 ("Home Improvement").

No anomalous activity has been recorded from SCP-2975 since ██/██/████.

Addendum: SCP-2975 Partial Interview Logs [Post-SCP-2975 neutralization]


The following after-action report, recorded with the local Sigma-3 team leader, contains significant inconsistencies. Due to the unclear events of 03/06/████, involving several localized CK-class reality shifts, all inconsistent aspects of the reports have been included.

SCP-2975 After Action Report

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