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Item #: SCP-2970

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2970 is to be held in a standard humanoid containment chamber, and fed via standard humanoid procedures.

Update (02/15/2016): SCP-2970 is to be recontained as soon as possible. It is believed that it may be en route to Almería, Spain. Currently, Mobile Task Force Tau-5 "Samsara" is leading recontainment and mitigation efforts.

Description: SCP-2970 is a cybernetically enhanced human male of African descent. SCP-2970 claims to have been born in the 10th century CE.

SCP-2970's physical augmentations include:

  • Approximately half of the left forearm, including the left hand, has been removed and replaced with a solid iron cylinder. SCP-2970 is capable of activating the cylinder to deploy a solid, transparent, glass-like prosthetic hand capable of articulation under SCP-2970's control.
  • SCP-2970's right eye has been replaced with a solid gold sphere. SCP-2970 is able to use this as a functioning eye.
  • The back of SCP-2970's neck features an iron plate with a small (~0.5cm diameter) hole covered by a semipermeable membrane, which appears to offer access to an artery running through SCP-2970's neck.
  • Samples of SCP-2970's blood indicate a large number of silicone particles present throughout the bloodstream.
  • Sections of SCP-2970's brain have been replaced with solid copper engraved with numerous unidentified glyphs.
  • Various metal augmentations and replacements for internal organs. Despite appearing to be constructed from solid metal, organs move and operate as if they were biological.

SCP-2970 possesses an eidetic memory and the ability to project images from its artificial eye to "replay" past memories, although it claims this function, as well as many of its past memories, has been "locked". SCP-2970 cannot fall unconscious, even when administered tranquilizing agents, and does not require food to survive.

SCP-2970 claims to have been a missionary in 10th and 11th century Spain on behalf of a supposed deity which gave SCP-2970 its anomalous modifications. SCP-2970 was recovered from a crevasse within a cave in northern Spain, where it claimed to have been trapped since the 11th century CE. Foundation resources were directed to this cave following the emission of a radio distress signal from it.

SCP-2970 can speak modern variants of Spanish and English with reasonable fluency, and claims to be able to hear and interpret radio signals via a receiver within its inner ear.

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