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Point-of-Exit of SCP-2965.

Item #: SCP-2965

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2965 periodically manifests in the █████ █████ station of Singapore's underground metro system. As █████ █████ station is a major interchange, it has been deemed unfeasible to fully contain SCP-2965 by restricting access to the station. Currently, MTF-Eta-99 ("Turf Club") has taken over the management of █████ █████ station in order to contain manifestations of SCP-2965 as well as take steps to ensure SCP-2965 reaches the Point-of-Exit at Platform 6 of the Circle Line without incident. Eta-99 is also to devise and execute means of completely restraining SCP-2965 for eventual containment.

Description: SCP-2965 superficially resembles a small, brown pony measuring 1.2m high and weighing approximately 800kg. A small metallic panel and 4 transparent portholes are present on each of SCP-2965's left and right flanks. Through the portholes, the interior of SCP-2965 is visible, showing what appears to be a miniature train car interior containing several small, naked humanoid entities designated SCP-2965-1.

X-ray imaging with the aid of a camera dolly reveals that SCP-2965 is entirely organic, with the exception of the metallic carriage in its torso and abdomen, and a small metallic compartment located near the tip of its nose. Higher-resolution images suggest the presence of an additional instance of SCP-2965-1 lying prone in the nasal metallic compartment. SCP-2965-1 instances are animate, and have been often observed reading small books or newspapers, using miniature devices resembling smartphones, and taking pictures through the portholes of SCP-2965 using said devices.

Exactly once every 8 days, 8 hours and 6 minutes, SCP-2965 is generated from a random wall within any one of the basement levels of █████ █████ station. The wall used as the point of entry does not appear to suffer any physical damage as a result of SCP-2965's manifestation, although SCP-2965 is entirely corporeal. SCP-2965 will then proceed to gallop towards Platform 6 of the Circle Line, knocking down or vaulting over any obstacles in its way. SCP-2965 will vanish after apparently passing through a particular wall located on Platform 6, designated as the Point-of-Exit. SCP-2965 has always returned to the Point-of-Exit after each manifestation.

SCP-2965 has so far been impossible to restrain. It appears to be immune to all forms of tranquilisers used on it, and has broken through Kevlar harnesses, steel chains, concrete barriers, and high-polymer adhesives used to impede its progress to the Point-of-Exit. SCP-2965-1 instances seem to be highly distressed when SCP-2965 is slowed down, and have been observed attempting to breach the portholes or frantically vocalising into their smartphone devices whenever attempts are made to restrain SCP-2965.

As of 09/08/2015, SCP-2965 has become increasingly hostile, actively knocking down and trampling both bystanders and Foundation personnel. SCP-2965 has also begun periodically emitting vocalisations in English, warning surrounding people to "keep off the rails".

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