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Item #: SCP-2963

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2963 is to be kept in two connected standard humanoid containment cells. Humidity of these cells is to be kept at 58%. SCP-2963-5 is to be fed once per day with liquid nutrient solution.

Description: SCP-2963 refers to 7 distinct entities that formerly comprised D-3553-3, a D-Class individual previously used by researchers assigned to SCP-████,1 under supervision of Dr. McCauley. D-3553-3 was converted into its current state during a failed containment attempt of SCP-████, which also resulted in the deaths of two additional D-class and four containment personnel.

Each entity grows and functions as a non-anomalous organ system would. SCP-2963-1, -2, -3, and -6 are able to speak in some capacity, despite lacking the necessary anatomy to do so. For records of such communications see sample interview logs.
Item Description Notes
SCP-2963-1 Nervous System Most communicative instance, possesses personality very similar to D-3553-3’s original personality. Able to locomote by pulling itself along horizontal surfaces, despite lacking necessary cell structure to do so. All nerve structures are intact and functional.
SCP-2963-2 Skeletal System Communicates very rarely, but appears to possess intellect on par with SCP-2963-1 and -3. Bones are held together in form of human skeleton by unknown force.
SCP-2963-3 Muscular System Possesses intellect on par with SCP-2963-1 and -2, communicates often. SCP-2963-3 is most prone to hostility and violence if provoked, and should be treated with caution. SCP-2963-3 typically maintains humanoid form, but is capable of moving as an amorphous mass.
SCP-2963-4 Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems Moves in a similar fashion to SCP-2963-1, though it is able to scale sheer vertical surfaces. If SCP-2963-4 is deprived of oxygen, all 7 SCP-2963 entities will begin to suffocate.
SCP-2963-5 Digestive, Renal, and Excretory System SCP-2963-5 does not move, and is not believed to be self-aware. Entity must be fed a liquid nutrient solution in order to maintain entirety of SCP-2963. All waste produced by SCP-2963 is excreted by SCP-2963-5.
SCP-2963-6 Integumentary System2 SCP-2963-6 is capable of communication, though does so rarely. Entity floats approximately one meter above ground by unknown means, and is capable of maneuvering through very small gaps. SCP-2963’s containment chamber has been made airtight as a precaution.
SCP-2963-7 Reproductive, Endocrine, and Immune Systems Entity moves similarly to terrestrial gastropods, with organs forming a foot to pull the instance forward.

Below are sample interview transcripts with SCP-2963-1, -2, -3, and -6.

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