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Sample of brickwork taken from point of origin.


fig 2: Sample of roof tiles taken from point of origin.

Item #: SCP-2962

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The point of origin and all surrounding buildings within a 200 meter radius have been purchased under a compulsory acquisition order. These are now being monitored for anomalous activity by MTF Delta-29 ("Apostates").

Containment units, research equipment, thermal treatment equipment and assigned personnel must be monitored on an ongoing basis.

*All non-test instances must be disposed of using high temperature waste treatment protocols.
*Test locations must be capable of automated site-wide particulate scrubbing.
*Neutralised particulate material must be stored in off-site facilities, which must also meet the above particulate scrubbing criteria.

Description: SCP-2962 is a super-aggressive form of carcinoma characterised by its ability to transfer to organic and inorganic external systems. Current testing suggests that physical proximity is required, although actual physical contact is not.

The onset speed and severity of SCP-2962 in new instances is proportionate to the number and stage of affected SCP-2962 instances nearby. Death or cessation of the host system does not affect the viability of the SCP-2962 instance, which will continue to replicate regardless (see Test Log SCP-2962-746-AE).

Due to the aggressive nature of SCP-29621 traditional treatments of organic instances (such as radiotherapy) are ineffective. Whilst palliative care is possible under certain circumstances, this should only be considered where immediate thermal treatment is undesirable or impossible.

Discovery Addendum: The anomaly was identified at a residential property in Bedford, UK, following the deaths of its two tenants in July 2015. Routine checks by local authorities highlighted various structural defects, including apparently random formations of mortar and brickwork increasing in size and quantity over time, and Foundation research analysts were requested to survey the location the same month.

Samples taken at the scene displayed carcinoma-like characteristics2 and the property was subsequently diagnosed with malignant inorganic para-neoplasm.

Update 2015-08-12:
The root cause has been traced to a photograph (SCP-2962-A05) of the deceased tenants taken at a social function, discovered in the master bedroom at the point of origin. Said photograph displayed warping and "bubbling," with a grossly asymmetrical metal frame; the photographic distortion was worst at, and originated from, the male's chest. Photographic paper in that area showed significant degradation.

Exhumation of the body revealed no anomalous properties; likewise apart from the SCP-2962 phenomena, no items at the property were found to be anomalous. Attempts to understand the anomaly therefore focus on locating the camera that was used to take the photograph, the photographer, plus a number of other individuals within it.

Urgent investigations as to the current location of these (by MTF Theta-51 ("Swarm-Cell")) are ongoing.

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