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Item #: SCP-2961

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2961 is to be housed within a standard humanoid containment unit at Site-62. When not in use, the structure, furnishings and any personal effects (where possible) are to be checked for anomaly-related changes; any items thus affected are to be replaced as required and forwarded to F-Lab for ongoing analysis.

Until all anomalous behaviour is understood, testing, research and interviews are to be conducted at least twenty meters from its containment and/or prior location.1 Under these conditions, SCP-2961 must be relocated every thirty minutes to a different Class Three research/interview suite. No additional security is required.

Contact with SCP-2961 is limited to no more than thirty minutes in any four hour period, after which assigned personnel must undergo DNA refranking and revised retina/fingerprint ID authorization to ensure continued security access2. This is to be performed within one hour of last contact.

Note that for research purposes, drug dependency can be introduced and/or discontinued as required. In this case, enhanced containment protocols/care standards apply, as agreed by SCP-2961 (see additional documentation). SCP-2961 is considered category NH/FC3 (with zero contraindications) for the purposes of research interaction and breach risk analysis, and as such Quality of Life standard Westerman-A applies.

Description: SCP-2961 is the physically non-anomalous human male Raul Flores.

When SCP-2961 enters a clearly defined, physically bound location, any phenomena that could be classified as forensic evidence (as understood by SCP-2961) will exhibit a progressive degradation and/or transformation, to the point of neutralization. This degradation is relative to physical proximity to SCP-2961. Evidence both anecdotal and empirical indicates that this is an involuntary, permanently ongoing phenomena that does not impact, hinder or otherwise interfere with SCP-2961’s standard biological or psychological functioning.

Said forensic degradation will take the form of either 1} a progressive failure of identifiable genetic structure, so that same can be recognized as human blood (for example), but cannot be linked to any individual, or 2} a transformation into a physically and/or thematically similar artifice (for example, white powder recovered from the bathroom of a murdered civil servant together with a mirror and a razor blade was positively identified as talc, although a separate Foundation autopsy suggested same had been inhaled prior to death, and trace quantities of talc were found in the victim’s bloodstream congruent with cocaine use).

Discovery: Raul Flores was born in Delicias, Mexico on 23rd January 1968 to Felix Alfonso (deceased 1977-08-13) and Maria Concerta (deceased 1986-12-30). Autopsies and medical records of same, grandparents and great-grandparents on both sides, plus covert DNA analysis of offspring, have revealed zero indications of any physical anomaly.

Flores rose to prominence in the 1990’s as an increasingly influential and vociferous critic of both Mexico’s drug cartels and the Mexican government, citing the former’s practices and methodology, and the latter’s apparent inability and/or unwillingness to curb them, as leading factors in Mexico’s perceived socio-economic decline.

On the third of April 2004 Raul Flores disappeared. It is believed his disappearance, and the subsequent public outcry, were decisive factors in the election of Felipe Calderon to the Mexican presidency in December 2006 and the catalyst for the crackdown on drug trafficking and the commencement, in the same month, of the so-called Mexican Drug War.

Flores came to the Foundation’s indirect attention following the collapse of numerous high-profile criminal prosecutions against members of the Los Ocultos cartel during these actions (all of which failed through lack of, or destruction/misappropriation of, allegedly incriminating forensic evidence), and was positively identified after the capture of several CCTV and cellphone recordings of anomalous activity by cartel-embedded agents. Containment was finally achieved in April 2012 in Chihuahua, Mexico at [REDACTED] Catholic School, the scene of a triple execution carried out by cartel members and local law enforcement officers.

On [REDACTED], MTF Zeta-17 ("Los Ciervos") were involved in a CA/C4 action at the villa of Los Ocultos head Miguel Rodriguez. Five members of the MTF team were injured in action, with zero fatalities. Eighty nine hostile parties were neutralised in the action, seventeen permanently.

As a result of the action, one anomalous object with at least 250+ unique recorded sub-designations and one anomalous location were contained; these are currently awaiting classification and permanent containment, documentation pending.

SCP-2961 is currently cooperating with this ongoing process. Information that could positively identify any unique sub-designations as D-Class resource, or Subset 2961-CFM individuals5 is to be held separately and is not to be made available to SCP-2961.

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