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First recorded instance of SCP-2958-1, prior to containment.

Item #: SCP-2958

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All discovered instances of SCP-2958-1 are to be closed off from public use under the pretense of construction.

As removal of the roundabout of SCP-2958-1 instances has proven to successfully neutralize their effects, all discovered instances are to be removed through the use of industrial cranes. Direct contact with an SCP-2958-1 instance is to be avoided at all times during its removal. Once removed, a non-anomalous roundabout is to be constructed in its place.

Description: SCP-2958 is a phenomenon affecting █% of roundabout islands1 and their surrounding roads throughout North East England (individual instances henceforth referred to as SCP-2958-1).

While the roundabout of an SCP-2958-1 instance is uninhabited, persons entering its area of effect will experience hallucinations specifically affecting their perception of the surrounding location and any vehicles present. Subjects will perceive the roundabout as a desert island of varying size and shape, while the surrounding road and area beyond will appear as an expansive ocean. Vehicles present will appear as boats; varying in model and size.2

The initial range of SCP-2958-1’s anomalous effects will decrease several minutes after a person has traversed onto the instance's roundabout, becoming perceivable only by those located on it. SCP-2958-1’s secondary anomalous effects will then activate. Full anomalous properties will not return until all subjects located on the roundabout island have left the initial area of effect.

Subjects located on the roundabout will perceive any vehicles on the surrounding road to take on the appearance of some form of large ocean life, swimming through the hallucinated ocean matching the movement and speed of the actual vehicle. Similarly to the initial effects, the perceived ocean life will be heavily based on the actual vehicles size and build. Notable instances of ocean life witnessed have included leatherback turtles, bottle-nosed dolphins, giant oceanic manta rays and bowhead whales. This effect does not target vehicles previously driven by subjects, which will instead be perceived as a wrecked boat.

Subjects will continue to hallucinate as long as they remain within SCP-2958-1, and will begin to experience physical effects causing their bodies to react as if they were actually located in the perceived environment (For a full list of reported effects see Document 2958-A). Subjects will continue to experience these effects for several hours after leaving SCP-2958-1.

Discovery Log: The first reported instance of SCP-2958 was found in ███████, North East, England in 20██. The instance had come to the Foundations attention after discovering reports of a mass-collision surrounding a local roundabout.

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