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Item #: SCP-2953

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2953 and all fragments extracted from it are to be kept in a storage locker at Site-44. Personnel are to don gloves while handling SCP-2953 and its pieces, and refrain from direct contact with it. Exceptions are allowed for test subjects during testing.

Description: SCP-2953 collectively refers to one boulder with an approximate resemblance to a female humanoid and the fragments extracted from said boulder. At time of recovery, the mass of the boulder is approximately 45 kg. Chemical composition of SCP-2953 consists of a mixture of carbon (≈70%), calcium (≈25%), and phosphorus (≈5%).

When a human makes direct contact with SCP-2953 (hereon referred to as 'subject'), he/she undergoes the following transfigurations:

  • Lengthening of the coccyx, often protruding from the epidermis.
  • Increment in pheomelanin in subject's hair.
  • Abnormal hair growth throughout subject's body.
  • Elongation of the face such that a snout is formed.
  • Transformation of hands and feet into paw-like appendages.
  • Increased production of estrogen in subject, often causing breast development.
  • Growth of extra teats (up to four per breast) on the breast.

The extent of these transfigurations is the most potent near the area(s) where SCP-2953 has contact with the subject's body. Transfigurations are more prominent and occur at an increased rate in female subjects than male subjects. While not inherently lethal, health complications are highly likely to arise due to inability of the subject's body to cope with these sudden transfigurations.

Fragments of SCP-2953 (up to a total mass of 5 kg) were extracted by its previous custodians, the Imperial Japanese Abnormal Matters Examination Agency (IJAMEA). Most of these fragments were used as the main component in the construction of 108 frangible bullets, with the remainder believed to be samples extracted for analysis and experiments. These bullets were encased in modified 6.5x50mmSR Arisaka cartridges, which are intended to be fired from the Type 97 sniper rifle.

Prior to IJAMEA control of the item, SCP-2953 was held in the Seimei Gallery.1 Below is a translated transcript of a placard describing SCP-2953.

This is the Sessho-seki, also the corpse of Tamamo-no-Mae, the fox spirit who once had ill designs on Emperor Toba and executed on the plains of Nasu in Shimotsuke Province. Her vengeful spirit resides in her corpse and warped into stone. A man who touches it is certain to fall to death, overcome by the spiritual essence of Tamamo-no-Mae.

In the second year of the era Ryakuō, Shogun Ashikaga Takauji bestows this as tribute to the court of His Imperial Majesty. May it be proof of the shogunate's dedication in delivering justice to the pretender at Yoshino.2

On ██/██/1936, IJAMEA requested SCP-2953 to be transferred from the Seimei Gallery for a project codenamed Operation Dakki. Below are translated excerpts from a proposal regarding Operation Dakki, written by Doctor Abe.

With approval from the Ministry of the Imperial Household, SCP-2953 was transported to IJAMEA Fusan7 Facility. There, it was experimented upon for Operation Dakki. Below are a selection of translated excerpts regarding Operation Dakki.

All pieces of SCP-2953 were recovered from IJAMEA Fusan Facility on ██/██/1945, following Japan's surrender in World War II.

Abstract: Additional documents re: Entity "Tamamo-no-Mae". Despite its supposed origin as a byproduct of SCP-2953, the Foundation has not independently verified or disproved the postulation.

IJAMEA High Command claimed that it has not received any documentation regarding the acquisition of Entity "Tamamo-no-Mae" and denied that the organisation ever had possession of it. However, documents from IJAMEA Fusan Facility suggested that it was successfully acquired and kept there until the end of World War II.

When the Foundation occupied IJAMEA Fusan Facility on ██/██/1945, Entity "Tamamo-no-Mae" was not found in its supposed holding cell. Its current whereabouts remain unknown. A hypothesis from O5-██ postulates that Entity "Tamamo-no-Mae" has been contained as a separate SCP object, namely SCP-953 due to the latter's initial recovery at Fusan. However, SCP-953 responded negatively to any connotations pertaining to Japan.

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