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Item#: 2951
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Collapsed entrance of SCP-2951.

Special Containment Procedures: Access to the Lemon Quarry is prohibited to unauthorized personnel, and Foundation personnel posing as local law enforcement are to maintain a perimeter around the site. Individuals who breach the perimeter are to be administered a suitable amnestic and turned over to the local authorities.

Exploratory missions into SCP-2951 are currently forbidden.

Description: SCP-2951 is an abandoned limestone mine near Guthrie, Indiana. The mine was originally owned by the B.G. Hoadley Mining Group until an incident that occurred in 1944. The remote location of the quarry, as well as the deteriorated nature of its structure, have limited civilian trespassing. Due to this, the area is mostly undisturbed.

The interior of SCP-2951 is subject to irregular spatial and temporal anomalies. Exploratory teams have also reported the existence of unknown anomalous entities within SCP-2951. These entities are likely connected to the 1944 incident, more information on which is available below.

The primary entrance of SCP-2951 collapsed during the 1944 incident, and is inaccessible. A secondary shaft, located in a dilapidated storage building, remains accessible.


Building containing secondary access shaft to SCP-2951.

Addendum 2951.1: 1944 Incident and Collapse

Addendum 2951.2: 1998 Incident

Addendum 2951.3: Exploration Log

Addendum 2951.4: Interview with Gorman P. Ellis

Addendum 2951.5: Collected Personal Correspondence of J. Howard Barnes

Addendum 2951.6: Collected Correspondence from Gorman P. Ellis

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