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Item #: SCP-2947

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-2947 are to be kept in individual containers with foam padding made to fit each instance, to ensure that transportation cannot result in the accidental spinning of the instances. As far as you know.Currently, there are no plans to create new instances of SCP-2947.

Aoki Events may be initiated by two or more personnel within Site-29's High Impact Test Chamber. Proper testing procedure calls for two personnel to activate the SCP-2947 instances by spinning them counter-clockwise, and proceeding to evacuate through the blast doors in a timely manner.

Description: SCP-2947-1 is a three-pronged aluminum 'fidget spinner' toy, patterned with stripes in black and a red-yellow gradient. The cap for the axle of SCP-2947-1 has stylized text in Katakana script, reading "Fidget WinnersTM"; no such entity has been found in any extant trademark database.

When spun in a direction the user perceives as counter-clockwise, SCP-2947-1 will become capable of levitation. Breaking physical contact with SCP-2947-1 will result in it orienting itself horizontally, and continue rotating at its original speed. During this time, it will produce SCP-2947-A1, a semi-solid, stylized holographic construct resembling a Smilodon fatalis1 with a mane of blue flames and striping in a pattern similar to the coloring on SCP-2947-1 itself. Contact with skin will cause SCP-2947-1 to cease motion and fall to the floor.

When spun in a direction the user perceives as clockwise, SCP-2947-1 will again suspend itself in mid-air, but along a vertical axis. During this time, information is projected onto SCP-2947 in a manner similar to a statistics screen in a Japanese Role-Playing Video Game, displaying information such as SCP-2947-1's weight, maximum speed, and a statistic which simply reads "Fighting Spirit", which is listed as "Burning Smilodon".

Furthermore, any item that can be classified as a 'fidget spinner' toy that makes direct contact with SCP-2947-1 is transmogrified into an instance of SCP-2947. These additional instances possess anomalous properties identical to SCP-2947, but have variations on the statistics display based on design, composition, weight, etc. However, new SCP-2947 instances do not carry the same transformative properties as SCP-2947-1.

Most instances of SCP-2947 to date also have a unique "Fighting Spirit". If at least two SCP-2947 instances are spun counter-clockwise, an Aoki Event will occur.

Aoki Events are characterized by two or more SCP-2947-A instances engaging in combat with one another. During this event, SCP-2947 instances will proceed towards the highest point in the area (up to 20m in outdoor areas) and attempt to collide with each other. These collisions are represented by physical combat that takes place between SCP-2947-A instances. SCP-2947 instances are unaffected by normal gravity for the duration of Aoki events. The apparent win condition of an Aoki event is knocking all other SCP-2947 instances to the ground and immobilizing them. Following the conclusion of an Aoki event, SCP-2947 instances will return to their base state.

Discovery: SCP-2947 was discovered following its confiscation from a student at █████ Middle School in Bangor, Maine. It was placed in a bin of confiscated objects, along with several other fidget spinners previously confiscated, transfiguring all it made contact with into SCP-2947 instances.

At the end of the 2016-2017 school year, when all confiscated materials were returned, at least three individuals independently spun their SCP-2947 instance counter-clockwise, resulting in a large Aoki event. Due to the semi-solid nature of the entities, and the force of the attacks (mainly in form of large pockets of high air pressure), over $200,000 in damage was done to the building. A transcript of security camera footage documenting the Aoki Event is available below; for the purposes of clarity, all SCP-2947-A instances are referred to by the designations given to them on their statistics board.

2:39:15 PM: Kyle Ballard, age 13, is seen spinning SCP-2947-1, before inadvertently letting go as another unidentified student collides with their shoulder. It hovers in midair, unnoticed by Ballard, as he proceeds to berate the student who collided with him.

2:39:27 PM: In the cafeteria, another student, Michelle Fletcher, puts down their SCP-2947 instance after spinning it counter-clockwise. It proceeds to hover in midair, before an instance of SCP-2947-A ("Congo Cerebus") resembling a three-headed gorilla appears underneath, and grows to reach the ceiling (approx. 10m high). The table it was laid on buckles under its weight, and Fletcher and several other students run out of the room.

2:39:31 PM: Ballard's SCP-2947 instance flies around him in a figure-8 pattern, before it manifests its own SCP-2947-A instance ("Burning Smilodon"), a Smilodon fatalis with a mane made of blue fire. It roars, before proceeding to run in the direction of the cafeteria.

2:40:02 PM: Dr. Craig Ward, Ballard's homeroom teacher and original confiscator of SCP-2947, idly spins a two-pronged fidget spinner, before abruptly sneezing and having it fall out of their hand. It hovers in mid-air, and an SCP-2947-A instance ("Queen Aranae") in the form of a twenty-limbed spider-like creature appears, running from the room with the SCP-2947 instance in tow.

2:41:00 PM: Queen Aranae runs down the chemistry hallway at high speeds; the air pressure wave created by its running shatters the fume hoods within labs 1 and 3, and leaves a large crack in the hood of lab 2. A fourth SCP-2947-A instance ("Centurion Remus") in the form of a Roman centurion with the head of a large wolf appears and engages in combat with Queen Aranae, resulting in damage to several rows of lockers. The origin of Centurion Remus is unclear; SCP-2947-4, when recovered, was found to have been soaked in water that was identified to be from the toilet of the men's restroom.

2:41:09 PM: Several tables in the cafeteria are buckled and broken by the arrival of Burning Smilodon, which grows to match the size of Congo Cerebus. Burning Smilodon pounces on Congo Cerebus, causing both SCP-2947 instances to come into view of the cameras. They proceed to collide repeatedly, shooting sparks from the collisions.

2:43:05 PM: After several minutes of battling, the sparking from the two battling SCP-2947 instances ignites leftover cooking oil in one of the warming trays for cafeteria food, causing a fire to break out. At this point, the fire alarm is triggered, and evacuation starts.

2:45:29 PM: Burning Smilodon subdues Congo Cerebus. Burning Smilodon roars, causing several lights overhead to spark and shatter. Both instances fall to the ground, inert, as a cafeteria worker sprays the oil fire with a fire extinguisher.

3:00:29 PM: Queen Aranae and Centurion Remus's battle spills out into the parking lot of the school, where all school personnel have evacuated. Centurion is seen impaling Queen Aranae on the school's flagpole, which causes it to buckle in half, before both instances are rendered inert. One SCP-2947 instance lands on the head of an instructor, causing them to fall unconscious.

3:10:02: Foundation containment personnel arrive on-scene and begin reviewing video logs.

Addendum: "Evolution" of SCP-2947-A Instances: During the fifteenth test of combat between SCP-2947-A1 and SCP-2947-A4, the Burning Smilodon entity underwent a change in appearance following its victory. SCP-2947-A1 now has longer fangs, a larger mane, and an overall larger body structure compared to the original appearance.

Furthermore, testing of SCP-2947-A1 now shows that it has had a significant increase in the maximum speed at which it can be rotated, and weighs less than it did upon containment; these changes are reflected in the statistics screen, as is the change of SCP-2947-A1, which is now referred to as "Coronal Machairodont2." SCP-2947-A1 has been observed winning contests more consistently; it is unknown if other SCP-2947-A instances are capable of this evolution.

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