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Item #: SCP-2941

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All known instances of SCP-2941 are to be kept within separate and fully-isolated bio-containment chambers within Biological Containment Site-103. Instances should be provided with four to six hours of direct light from an overhead fluorescent. Each instance of SCP-2941 must be checked at least four times a day to confirm that specimen morale levels fall within mandated guidelines (for more information see Document 2941-M-5). Any measurements of specimen morale levels falling above standard containment parameters should be reported immediately to the current project head. Should standard demoralization acts prove insufficient, please consult Document 2941-DM-1 for Stage B countermeasures.

Since Incident 2941-3-2, interaction with SCP-2941 is limited to researchers with Level 3 clearance. Additionally, transport of SCP-2941 instances to and from other Site-103 research wings must be carried out in pre-approved routes free of Foundation personnel traffic.

Description: SCP-2941 is the collective designation for an anomalous population of fruits and vegetables. Instances of SCP-2941 only superficially resemble their non-anomalous counterparts, and differ from non-anomalous fruits and vegetables in both behavior and growth patterns. SCP-2941 instances possess limited sensory awareness, are capable of locomotion, and furthermore, some have shown the ability to speak, though how SCP-2941 instances manage to vocalize is currently unknown.

Under optimal containment conditions, the physical size of each instance of SCP-2941 conforms to the average size of comparable specimens in its particular species. However, rapid growth will occur when any instance of SCP-2941 is presented with verbal and/or physical affection as well as any other kind of positive reinforcement. Instances will also exhibit this property when engaging in pleasurable activities. No upper bound of SCP-2941's enlargement has been shown through on-site testing and by Foundation computer modeling. Proper demoralization must be maintained on a regular basis as any instance left alone for a period of between three to five hours will begin growing at a noticeable rate. Foundation researchers have hypothesized that each instance of SCP-2941 has an innate highly positive self-image that must be countered at all times.

Addendum A: List of currently-contained SCP-2941 instances.1
Instance Designations Instance Specifics Special Notes
SCP-2941-1 Red Delicious apple
(Malus domestica)
Primary pleasure vector involved rolling around in a circular path within its containment cell until researchers were able to convince SCP-2941-1 that any movement at all will awaken a massive parasitic worm living inside it. It should continue to be made clear that removing the worm from -1 is simply beyond the Foundation's capabilities.
SCP-2941-2 Fennel
(Foeniculum vulgare)
Main morale boost comes from engaging in the popular children's game "Peek-a-boo" by being placed underneath a piece of fabric large enough to completely cover it, and then having the fabric quickly pulled away. Tests have shown that SCP-2941-2's greatest demoralization occurs when the fabric is simply left covering -2 and no attempt is made to assist while it tries to roll free. The longest time to date that -2 has been trapped beneath the fabric is sixteen days which, as test models predicted, coincided with record low morale.
SCP-2941-3 Honeydew melon
(Cucumis melo)
Is very quick to notice nearby individuals, and will repeatedly vocalize questions regarding the quality of its roundness. To minimize misunderstanding on SCP-2941-3's part, researchers must be sure to always respond to each query with the statement "You are a hideous cube."
SCP-2941-4 Cavendish banana
(Musa acuminata)
Compulsively attempts to show off its ability to balance vertically on its stem. SCP-2941-4 should always be contained within a bio-chamber specifically modified with a floor that constantly pivots up and down at random angles and direction, preventing -4 from balancing.
SCP-2941-5 Green pepper
(Capsicum annuum)
Regularly vocalizes concerns about the well-being of the rest of the SCP-2941 instances. SCP-2941-5 is to always be told that all the other specimens have made it clear to Foundation personnel that they wish -5 would mind its own business and that its consideration is unwanted.
SCP-2941-6 Persian lime
(Citrus × latifolia)
SCP-2941-6's morale has been shown to markedly increase when placed in a silent containment cell. Researchers are to do hourly checks to confirm that the speaker placed within -6's current bio-chamber is functioning correctly and that the audio file chosen by the current head researcher is playing on an uninterrupted loop at a minimum of 90db. At the time of writing, the sound of a knife scraping a glass bottle has been playing for eighty-four days.
SCP-2941-7 Turnip
(Brassica rapa)
Has expressed repeated desire to only be referred to as "Terry". Foundation personnel are expressly forbidden from doing so, but if absolutely necessary, they should refer to SCP-2941-7 directly, condescendingly, and repeatedly as any other name besides Terry. Names producing the most severe demoralization vectors so far include "Ferguson", "Wingding" and "Budz".
SCP-2941-8 Button mushrooms (2)
(Agaricus bisporus)
As this pair has shown to prefer close visual contact, each separate SCP-2941-8 instance should be kept in detached, opaque chambers a minimum of 4m apart. If the situation requires, researchers are allowed to converse with the -8 instances separately, with a sole focus on pointing out how the other member of the pair had been given the opportunity to be placed back together but voluntarily and happily turned it down.
SCP-2941-9 Peach
(Prunus persica)
Has often expressed displeasure with all forms of physical contact by Foundation researchers. Any researcher involved with the study of SCP-2941-9 should mark on Form 9C how many times they were able to flick -9 with their finger throughout their work shift.
SCP-2941-10 Cantaloupe
(Cucumis melo)
Has a predilection for wanting to tell jokes to Foundation staff. Morale reduction has been maximized by initiating Procedure 2941-10-α, which dictates that SCP-2941-10 be allowed to tell any joke it wishes, but should be addressed immediately afterwards with angrily-delivered comments regarding how poorly the joke was constructed and/or how -10 has profoundly hurt the joke recipient's feelings.
SCP-2941-11 Eggplant
(Solanum melongena)
As long as SCP-2941-11 has been under the Foundation's care, it has repeatedly vocalized only one sentence, without variation: "Hoo boo, I love you." -11's morale has, through much experimentation, shown to decrease the most when addressed with the carefully enunciated response: "You should be hurled into the trash."

Incident 2941-3-2: Due to a sudden and substantial water leak from Site-103's Antarctic Gardens, one floor directly above SCP-2941-3's containment cell, a decision was made by Junior Researcher Metcalf to temporarily move SCP-2941-3 to an empty research room down the hall. At the same time, testing had just finished for the day with SCP-████ and ten Class D personnel. As the remaining seven were being led back to the on-site Class D barracks, they passed Metcalf transporting SCP-2941-3 the opposite way down the same corridor. Ignoring established Transport Silence Protocols, D-34987 was later heard from recovered surveillance camera system data to call out loudly, "Hey baby, those're some nice round melons you got there!"

Junior Researcher Metcalf, the seven Class D personnel, the two Security Officers leading them, and thirteen other nearby Foundation site staff were instantly crushed when SCP-2941-3 underwent the most rapid growth ever recorded by an SCP-2941 instance. Establishing morale levels low enough to re-contain SCP-2941-3 took eight hours and updated containment procedures were immediately put into effect.

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