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Item #: SCP-294-J

Object Class: N/A Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-294-J is currently being monitored by researcher Agnew within its initial location of discovery.

Containment procedures are to be implemented following SCP-294-J being reported to research director Tact.

Description: SCP-294-J is an aquatic micro-civilization, located within a styrofoam cup of black coffee found in Site-19’s break room. SCP-294-J is inhabited by a microscopic race of bipedal creatures (SCP-294-J-1) which display rapidly developing intelligence and understanding of social structure.

Addendum: Microscopic examination has revealed SCP-294-J to have presently reached a technologically advanced era, with the invention of instantaneous transportation, the curing of nearly all known diseases, and widespread enlightenment.

Taking into account the time of SCP-294-J’s initial discovery and the time passed since its documentation, it is theorized that SCP-294-J will have developed into an idealized utopian society by 17:30 this afternoon. Strategies to communicate with SCP-294-J-1 in order to devise friendly relations are currently underway.

Addendum - Neutralization Log

Dr. Tact: You’re a loopy bastard most of the time. What makes you think this is any different?

Researcher Agnew: I’m telling you, it’s different! Had to double-check, but it’s all real!

Researcher Agnew enters the staff room and walks towards the coffee table.

Researcher Agnew: Look, right here! They’ve already converted to a worldwide electric power system and are constructing rockets for outer-cup travel-

Researcher Agnew pauses in front of the staffroom coffee table. Dr. Fold sits at the table, sipping a cup of coffee. Researcher Agnew lets out a quiet whimper. Dr. Fold looks down at an identical cup of coffee on the table.

Dr. Fold: Sorry. Was this yours?

Following an investigation of the cup, and gastric examination of Dr. Fold, no traces of SCP-294-J were discovered. The coffee machine however has been placed in containment and a health and safety report has been issued to the machine’s supplier.

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