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Item #: SCP-2938

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2938 is kept in an opaque airtight container in a vacuum chamber at Site 37. Personnel are to have no direct exposure to SCP-2938 outside of testing protocols.

Description: SCP-2938 is 1.7 kg of a clear, colorless substance. Its shape, density and composition are variable and reactive to ambient environmental conditions. When exposed to different testing conditions, SCP-2938 transforms into a variety of other substances by unknown means. There is no distinguishable pattern to the transformations.

Partial Test Logs
Test parameters Result
5 g sample placed in 250 mL beaker SCP-2938 initially separated in 2 distinct masses, which then operated according to an unknown force to rejoin.
5 g sample injected with 0.5 mL radioactive dye. Dye rapidly diffused into sample and was unretrievable, although radiation was still detectable. Sample acquired faint coloration.
5 g sample consumed by laboratory mouse. Subsequent vivisection revealed that all bodily fluids were primarily composed of SCP-2938 with contaminants.
5 g sample consumed by laboratory mouse. Long-term monitoring revealed that most biochemical processes and organ functioning were dependent on the presence of SCP-2938. No adverse health effects were noted prior to disposal of mouse.
5 g sample subjected to increasing pressure at stable temperature of 25ºC. Converted into unidentified liquid substance with maximum density of 997 kg/m³. Reverted to SCP-2938 once pressure was decreased.
5 g sample heated to 75ºC. At 50ºC, converted into a liquid suspension containing large amounts of oxidane.
5 g sample cooled to -25 ºC. At 0ºC, converted into a crystalline solid composed of hydroxylic acid. No further changes noted.
5 g sample dissolved in 10 mL water. Admixture converted to liquid DHMO1 upon stirring. When allowed to come to rest, entire mass reverted to 15 g of SCP-2938.

Given that SCP-2938 appears able to convert other substances into more of itself, combined with its inherently corrosive nature and the unpredictable nature of its transformations, it is estimated that the introduction of any quantity of SCP-2938 to an uncontrolled ecosystem would potentially result in an HK-class environmental conversion scenario.

Addendum: Supervisory review revealed test data irregularities consistent with active cognitohazardous effect. Testing was independently replicated under CH-corrective protocols and returned the same results. Upon further review, SCP-2938 has been marked as free of cognitohazards by the Department of Memetics & Cognitohazards.

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