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D-Class sketches of the SCP-2934-A entity

Item #: SCP-2934

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2934 and associated components are to be held within a standard body bag modified to include three interior layers of aluminium foil. The modified body bag containing SCP-2934 is to be placed within a steel chest measuring at least 2 m x 1 m in footprint, 1 m in height and 10 cm in wall thickness.

All surfaces of the containment chamber are to be completely coated with a layer of steel 25 cm thick. The containment chamber is to be large enough to accommodate sleeping arrangements for ten test subjects.

Outside of testing, the modified bottom hoop of the SCP-2934-1 dreamcatcher is to remain unhooked from the top hoop and stored separately.

Description: SCP-2934 is the preserved remains of an unidentified woman approximately eighteen years old at the time of death. SCP-2934 has Caucasian skin tone, a clean-shaven scalp, and would have measured 160 – 163 cm in height before physical modification.

SCP-2934 produces an anomalous effect, designated SCP-2934-A, that acts on all individuals within a radius of 0.7 kilometres. Humans entering any stage of sleep within the area of effect will invariably experience one or more vivid dreams centred around a specific male character.

Upon waking, affected individuals will always attribute the name “Ndrec Gega” to this character, and their description of its appearance will match the following details: approximately fifty years old; 180 – 200 cm tall; a receded hairline; grey-white hair; thick, dark eyebrows; a broad face and physique; a broad, high nose; Caucasian, with a relatively tanned, flushed skin tone; and wearing some form of suit and tie. When shown the printed image found in SCP-2934’s mouth, all affected individuals will agree that the man depicted is the Ndrec Gega character from their dreams.

The narrative of their dreams will always feature the Ndrec Gega character acting as a capable authority figure who establishes a close personal connection to the dreaming individual. Examples of these dreams are given below.

Individuals experiencing SCP-2934-A for the first time will report genuine "gut feelings" of warmth and trust for the dream character when waking, which appear to persist indefinitely. If asked how they would feel if a real-world "Ndrec Gega" were placed in a position of authority over them, such as their workplace manager or political representative, subjects uniformly respond in a highly positive manner.4

If SCP-2934-A dreams are experienced multiple times, however, affected individuals will quickly feel confused and uneasy about the character’s continual reappearance. Almost all subjects who experience the dreams more than five times will report a level of fear and annoyance. Long-term exposure occasionally results in such an extreme negative response that some subjects have refused to sleep for extended periods to avoid seeing the entity.5


SCP-2934-2 LCD screen message

Although no electromagnetic transmissions have been detected from SCP-2934 or any of its components, containing the anomaly using standard radio frequency shielding techniques appears to prevent the SCP-2934-A dream effect from acting on individuals in range. Additionally, removing the modified bottom hoop of the dreamcatcher containing the LEGO satellite dish sculpture appears to prevent SCP-2934-A entirely. Investigation into SCP-2934's effects by members of MTF Omicron Rho is pending.

Addendum: A real-world individual named Ndrec Gega matching the appearance of the SCP-2934 dream character and printed image has been found. Ndrec Gega was the Democratic Party for Albania’s candidate for the 2011-05-08 mayoral election of Dorëz, a town of 9,000 people in the Arrëz e Madhe municipality of northern Albania.

Locals interviewed report a period of twelve days, lasting from the night of 2011-04-25 to the night of 2011-05-06, in which almost all the population of the Dorëz urban area experienced sleep characteristic of SCP-2934-A. Ndrec Gega lost the mayoral election three days later by a historically large margin, largely due to widespread distress about his repeated appearance in most of the electorate’s dreams.

The real-world Ndrec Gega suffered a fatal car accident on the A1 motorway the day after the election, 2011-05-09. His car was observed to drive erratically at 180km/h before veering off the side of the road and colliding with a tree. Notably, the coroner’s report remarks that both hands and both feet were traumatically amputated in the collision.

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