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Item #: SCP-2933

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Under no circumstances are any individuals permitted to enter SCP-2933-1. Once monthly, a small, automated surveillance drone is to enter SCP-2933-1 to assess SCP-2933-A.

Description: SCP-2933-1 is a partially submerged steel structure within a large, saltwater reservoir. The exterior and interior of SCP-2933-1 are very heavily rusted or otherwise decayed, with several features having disintegrated completely and structural deficiencies being widespread. It is currently believed that SCP-2933-1 was designed to contain SCP-2933-A.

The interior of SCP-2933-1 is labyrinthine and inconsistent; passages have been observed as changing, moving, or disappearing completely. The severe destabilization and corrosion of SCP-2933-1 has not appeared to hamper its primary function; currently it is believed that all passages within SCP-2933-1 lead to SCP-2933-A, and there is no way to return to the entrance.

Any individual or machine that enters SCP-2933-1 will slowly begin to show signs of iron oxide corrosion on their exterior surface. This affliction is believed to be permanent; the corrosion spreads across the entirety of the subject before affecting the subject's inner mechanisms or organs. The speed of this phenomenon increases as the subject grows closer to SCP-2933-A.

SCP-2933-A is an unknown humanoid entity located within the lowermost sections of SCP-2933-1. Very little is known about the appearance or nature of SCP-2933-A.

Addendum 2933.1: Log Transcript

Addendum 2933.2: Recovered Documents

The following document was observed near SCP-2933-A by an automated drone.

Addendum 2933.3: Remote Observation

Following a series of failed exploration attempts, a remote drone was directed into SCP-2933-1 to observe SCP-2933-A. The drone maintained communication with Command for three hours before failing. The following is an excerpt from the collected audio, edited for maximum clarity.

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