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Pathway leading to the entrance of SCP-2932.

Item #: SCP-2932

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2932 is currently contained at its location of discovery. Mobile Task Force Xi-9 "The Wardens" has been tasked with handling containment efforts, including reduction of public awareness of SCP-2932 in nearby towns and villages, and amnestic treatment of individuals who come into contact with SCP-2932. A fenced perimeter has also been established around SCP-2932, with warnings posted about a protected nature reserve within. This perimeter is to be routinely patrolled.

MTF Ξ-9 have also been given orders to work alongside SCP-2932-A in an effort to contain instances of SCP-2932-1 that have escaped from SCP-2932. Information gathered from SCP-2932-A regarding possible Euclid and Keter class entities originating from within SCP-2932 is listed later in this document. MTF Ξ-9 personnel, as well as additional Foundation staff members assigned to SCP-2932, are to familiarize themselves with this information.

Efforts are ongoing to attempt repairs of SCP-2932-2, although due to the complexity of the object and the nature of its design, personnel must maintain care in their duties as to not upset the already fragile state of SCP-2932-2. Foundation staff medical doctors that have been trained in the function of SCP-2932-2 are to rotate on a 6-hour shift, to assure that a doctor is always available in the event of an emergency. Information regarding this object, gathered from SCP-2932-A, is detailed later in this document. Should SCP-2932-2 experience a gross failure, experimental power supply systems are to be activated in an attempt to maintain the current function of SCP-2932. Should these supplies prove inadequate, MTF Ξ-9 and additional security personnel are to prepare for a massive breach of containment scenario.

Note: Personnel are reminded not to attempt authorization from any genetic matching organisms, as this often results in retaliation from the guard organisms.

Updated Containment Memorandum: Per Foundation Protocol 2513.99, the ongoing containment of SCP-2932 has been transferred to the jurisdiction of Project PARAGON. All other extant containment procedures remain in place.

Description: SCP-2932 is a massive, organic structure located within the "Reserva comunal El Sira" in eastern-central Peru. Externally, SCP-2932 consists of trees, vines, and other plant-life that has been formed into a large, domed structure. Lighting around the exterior of SCP-2932 consists of an array of bio-luminescent bulbs that grow from within SCP-2932. These are a species that, until discovery of SCP-2932, was not identified, along with many other instances of plant-life that exist throughout SCP-2932. The domed structure itself is indestructible, and attempts to damage the dome often result in retaliation by aggressive and hostile, mobile, plant-based organisms that act as guards to SCP-2932. The main door to SCP-2932, located on the south side of the structure, cannot be opened without authorization from an entity located within SCP-2932, or without authorization from a genetic matching organism that exists near the entrance.

The main level interior of SCP-2932 consists of a number of arched hallways and large rooms, equally organic in nature as the exterior of SCP-2932, with similar lighting organisms throughout. Investigation of these areas has indicated that at one point the rooms were administrative offices for the lower portions of SCP-2932, and signs of habitation exist in a number of larger areas. Information has been gathered from this section regarding instances of SCP-2932-1, and has been filed with information gathered from SCP-2932-A.

The lower levels of SCP-2932 are below ground, and consist primarily of a massive, open chamber with numerous cat-walk structures leading to various landings throughout. Most of the available wall space is covered in cocoon-like pods composed of an extremely durable plant matter, which increase in size lower in the chamber. The apparent use of these pods are to contain instances of SCP-2932-1. To the right of every pod is a device composed of various plant matters with a touch-based screen composed of a translucent silica construct that acts as an interface for the pod to which it is attached. Information regarding the SCP-2932-1 entity contained within the pod is listed, as well as a mechanism by which to open and close the pod, although this option is locked out to individuals without the proper genetic identification. While the overwhelming majority of these pods are intact and listed as active, at least ██ have been ruptured.

SCP-2932-A is an elderly Class I Near-Humanoid entity that resides within SCP-2932 and acts as its caretaker. SCP-2932-A has six primary appendages, and walks upright on the rear two. SCP-2932-A's torso has two primary segments, both covered in a fine, long hair. The head of SCP-2932-A is roughly ovaloid with two sets of eyes, one compound and one vertebratic. The front of the head contains a humanoid mouth and a long, prehensile nasal structure. The top of SCP-2932-A's head contains a number of small spines, but is mostly covered in additional long, grey, fine hair. On its back, SCP-2932-A has four large insectoid wings, although these display damage that did not properly heal.

SCP-2932-2 is a large vascular organ suspended in the center of SCP-2932's main chamber, and serves as the primary power source for SCP-2932. SCP-2932-2 pulsates at a pace of approximately 8 bpm, although this has been known to drop to as low as 3 bpm during emergency events. According to SCP-2932-A, SCP-2932-2 is the heart of the goddess Titania, who constructed the prison with her own body and put her heart within it to sustain it.

Given information gathered from SCP-2932-A, it has been deduced that SCP-2932 was once and currently is a massive incarceration system designed to contain a large number of creatures and other entities. Due to a catastrophic event affecting the original owners of SCP-2932 (See Document Alpha-1596-1000 for more information), the site was closed and the responsibility of containment was left to a skeleton crew of SCP-2932 staff members, of whom SCP-2932-A was the Warden. Over time, this contingent of personnel either perished, defected, or disappeared, and the facility began to fall into disrepair. This, coupled with the increasing fragility of SCP-2932's main power supply, SCP-2932-2, caused a number of containment pods to malfunction, releasing their contents.

Interview 2932-A: The following interview was conducted during early exploration of SCP-2932, shortly after Foundation personnel were allowed into the structure by SCP-2932-A. Initial communication with SCP-2932-A was hampered by a language barrier, as SCP-2932-A was capable of speaking only its own native language, and Quechua. Once a translator became available, the interview was conducted.

Addendum 2932-1: The following logs have been gathered from terminals regarding potentially dangerous SCP-2932-1 entities, most of which are in active containment. Notes gathered from SCP-2932-A are also listed, and SCP-2932-A has provided full translations for all of the entries.

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