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Item#: 2929
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2929 is located in Foundation-operated Katavi National Park, control of which has been negotiated from the Tanzanian government. A perimeter of two kilometers is to be maintained around SCP-2929 and civilian access is to be prohibited. Any and all trespassers are to be detained, interrogated, administered appropriate amnestics, and released at the discretion of acting personnel.

Locals familiar with SCP-2929 have been amnesticized. Because the locals had no intention to make knowledge of SCP-2929 known to outsiders, further suppression of information is unnecessary.

A 200-meter-high enclosure has been constructed at a perimeter of 10 meters and disguised as a radio tower. Foundation operatives are to consistently monitor and edit satellite photographs of SCP-2929 and its enclosure. The enclosure with all associated machinery and all supports are to be checked for damage on a monthly basis and repaired in a timely manner.

No personnel are permitted to make physical contact with the exposed face of SCP-2929. All movements made by SCP-2929 are to be observed and recorded by on-site mathematicians and linguists fluent in ancient and modern forms of Khoisan languages. Any attempts made by SCP-2929-1 to communicate are to be reported to the acting Level 3 supervisor. Transmissions directed at SCP-2929-1 must be supervised by personnel of Level 3 Clearance or higher.

Description: SCP-2929 is a perfectly cylindrical column of what appears to be indestructible, pure obsidian extending from the lower mantle of the Earth to above the crust, about three meters higher than the surrounding ground1. It is located at 6°50'██"S, 31°15'██"E in Katavi National Park, Mpanda District, Tanzania. The column is oriented to point directly toward the Earth's center of mass. SCP-2929 has a consistent diameter of approximately 82.22 meters2 and, according to readings from experimental gamma ray imaging (GRI) techniques, is approximately 2844.00 kilometers3 long.

The two faces of SCP-2929 are in a perpetual state of motion and cannot be manipulated externally. GRI readings show that movements made on one face are made in tandem with movements on the other face, but inverted. For example, if a one centimeter cube indent presents itself on one side, then a one centimeter cube protrusion will present itself in the corresponding location on the opposite face simultaneously.

Therefore, SCP-2929 can be thought of as an array of columns each several molecules wide and composed of a silicon dioxide (SiO2; quartz), magnesium oxide (MgO; magnesia), and ferrous-ferric oxide (Fe3O4; magnetite) glass, otherwise known as obsidian. These columns rapidly move up and down. Individual columns have never been recorded to extend or depress farther than approximately 150 meters. A "tube" or "shell" of stationary obsidian about 50Å wide forms the curved surface of SCP-2929.

These movements produce patterns that vary widely and include but are not limited to: discernible "peaks" and "troughs"; ripples; slow undulations; erratic angular spikes; brief regular polygonal figures; multiple extremely high or deep and very thin round "pikes" or "holes" in close proximity to one another; rising tiered square pyramids; very rare prostrate humanoid figures; et cetera.

Access to further information, detailed in Document-2929-01, is restricted to personnel of Level 3/2929 Clearance or higher.

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