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Item #: SCP-2928

Object Class: Keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Agents globally embedded in law enforcement agencies and tabloid media are to monitor incoming information for possible SCP-2928 sightings and activity. Suspected SCP-2928 sightings are to be investigated by MTF Beta-19 ("Nightingales"), and confirmed instances are to be contained if possible or terminated if necessary. SCP-2928 instances are to be contained in separate standard humanoid containment units within Site ██. Personnel that come into direct contact with SCP-2928, including all members of MTF Beta-19, must maintain a mental comprehension of SCP-2928 as outlined by the components of Operation KUDZU.

Operation KUDZU is to remain in effect indefinitely. Operation KUDZU is designed to create and prolong existing media that effectively acts as an anti-meme toward SCP-2928. Creators of media that qualify are to be contacted in an effort to extend the duration of their work, but are not to be given any factual information about the Foundation or its goals. Once acquired, KUDZU content creators are to be placed under Foundation protection.

Although the exact date of the breach is unknown, on 12/02/1996 it was discovered the effects of SCP-2928 had extended to all SCP-2928 documentation. As such, the memetic trigger within this document has been expunged to prevent perception alterations within personnel, and all possible future triggers will similarly be expunged. Those with sufficient clearance, and who have been effectively inoculated against the effects of SCP-2928, have been given access to an unedited interview containing otherwise expunged data.

Description: SCP-2928 are humanoids that, while in an Alpha Phase, cause hallucinations1 in those who observe them. An Alpha Phase is a voluntary action, and causes SCP-2928 to appear as the affected subject conceptually understands [DATA EXPUNGED], an effect which carries over to video and photographs. The most common hallucinatory effect is an inability to detect SCP-2928, due to the common stereotype of [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-2928 are otherwise anatomically and genetically identical to non-anomalous humans. Most SCP-2928 display a rudimentary knowledge of other anomalies, and on rare occasions wield anomalous items such as weapons and tools.

SCP-2928 publicizing information to perpetuate the intended effect of being undetectable have been confirmed as early as the 15th century. The United States experienced a dramatic increase in media concerning [DATA EXPUNGED] during the 1980s, primarily in the movie industry. SCP-2928 activity showed a marked increase due to these spikes in public conception of [DATA EXPUNGED], and the resulting increased effectiveness of SCP-2928 being undetectable.

In 1999, ███████ ████ began the serialization of the ██████ series. The content of this series resulted in viewers regarding [DATA EXPUNGED] as much more conspicuous entities, weakening the intended effectiveness of the SCP-2928 anomaly. While it is unknown if the creator intended to combat SCP-2928, the Foundation successfully increased the duration of the series with the creation of Operation KUDZU. With the continued moderate success of Operation KUDZU, Object Class has officially been changed from Keter to Euclid.

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