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Trail containing SCP-2921. Photograph taken upon initial discovery.

Item #: SCP-2921

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Knowledge of SCP-2921 is considered potentially hazardous and thus all documentation of the anomaly has been classified as restricted to non-essential personnel. Study of SCP-2921 is limited to members of the Pilcrow-Minkowski Center's High-Risk Anomalies Division.

SCP-2921 represents a Class V Causal Inconsistency Zone and therefore no physical containment measures are to be implemented. It is presumed that any and all actions taken that may affect SCP-2921 will affect SCP-2921 in some way, thus attentive, non-interactive study of the anomaly is the only safe way to gain further knowledge of its properties.

Experimentation and interaction with SCP-2921 is currently prohibited following a joint summit of the O5 Council and the Ethics Committee. However, in the event an individual violates or is suspected to have intention of violating the terms of this ruling, personnel are discouraged from confronting anyone involved or taking action in a way that could cause unwanted exposure to SCP-2921's effects. Any organic life that comes into contact with SCP-2921 is to be terminated immediately following interaction and must be carried out through automated or AI systems to avoid exposure. Ideal termination methods used must possess as close to a 0% chance of failure as possible.1

Description: SCP-2921 refers to a single American Beech (Fagus grandfolia) located in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. SCP-2921 has grown through a heretofore undiscovered dirt pathway that runs near Hughes River, separating the trail into two divergent paths that converge back into one around the base of the tree. SCP-2921's roots are tightly wound into the root systems of nearby trees and plants, making removal and relocation extremely difficult, if not impossible.

The area containing SCP-2921 is causally inconsistent to a degree that is not well understood with the Foundation's current levels of technology. The following axioms are considered known about SCP-2921:

  • The system by which processes connect to states (Defined as "causality") is inherently divergent upon choosing a direction in which to pass by SCP-2921 while walking on the trail.
  • This system is only divergent when passing SCP-2921 from the trailhead; attempts to pass SCP-2921 from larger distances or other directions have not yielded anomalous effects.
  • Processes affected by this divergence phenomenon also become inherently divergent and therefore causally inconsistent themselves.
  • Divergent processes continue to exhibit anomalous behavior every time a choice is made by the subject(s), regardless of whether or not it was made consciously.
  • Involuntary actions are not included in this criteria.
  • Actions taken that influence the status of SCP-2921 have unexpected divergent consequences, therefore neutralization and containment of the anomaly is deemed unsafe to attempt.

SCP-2921 was brought to the attention of the Foundation on 07/12/2018 when the National Parks Department reported an unprecedented surge in Shenandoah Valley's local population of the Spined Micrathena spider (Micrathena gracilis) which appeared, upon closer inspection, to be genetically identical to one another. Foundation investigations took place along the surrounding areas until SCP-2921's trail was identified on 07/17/2018 as the only notable landmark within several kilometers of the area with the highest concentrations of the arachnid.2 Further efforts to pinpoint the exact location of the anomaly were successful during D-Class walkthrough hazard testing of the trail, which was approved following its discovery.

Addendum 2921.1: Testing Log

Test Log: 2921-01

Date: 07/18/2018

Subject: D-19023

Preface: D-19023 was instructed to hike along trail containing SCP-2921.


00:00 - D-19023 is seen traveling along path. Subject appears disinterested.

03:15- Subject approaches fork in trail where SCP-2921 is located.

03:23 - D-19023 takes a left around SCP-2921. As he does so, a translucent image of D-19023 is seen taking the right side. Image solidifies as subject rounds SCP-2921.

03:25 - Subject appears startled. Image becomes heavily distressed.

03:35 - Image of D-19023 attempts to flee testing area. A second image of D-19023 is seen diverging from first and does not attempt escape.

04:32 - First copy of D-19023 is shot several times by armed Foundation personnel for attempting to leave testing area. A third and fourth copy separate simultaneously as the first slumps over, unmoving. New instances are wounded in the same places but still alive. One staggers back in the direction of SCP-2921 while the other continues to attempt escape. Second copy remains frozen in place.

05:52 - The original instance of D-19023 appears to raise hands in shock. A second pair of arms are seen at subject's sides. Subject does not notice this right away.

06:16 - Additional Foundation forces arrive onsite, including a unit equipped with aeresolized nerve agents.

06:20 - Subject notices extra limbs and falls back in surprise. Upon doing so, D-19023 separates completely from them, diverging again into two distinct copies. Armed forces command instances of D-19023 to cease action to prevent further divergence.

07:23 - Subjects are terminated using nerve agents. Divergence continues until all instances are completely neutralized. Remains exhibit no anomalous behavior and are incinerated without incident.


Notes: Testing with SCP-2921 has been suspended indefinitely. It is projected that, if left unchecked, SCP-2921 has potential to create a causally chaotic snowball effect that could culminate in an irreversible NK-Class "Grey Goo" Scenario within twenty iterations of divergence.

Incident Log 2921.1:

Agents stationed at the trailhead and embedded within Shenendoah Valley's local parks department reported an unexplained increase in factual inconsistencies between documentation and personal accounts of various staff members starting around the same time as initial containment and suppression efforts of SCP-2921 were established. The effect appeared to increase in strength and complexity for all involved, leading to a perceived "canonical" split that was only detected when multiple conflicting reports about the situation were submitted and reviewed by the Ethics Committee. By this point, it had been assumed that the damage was already too complex and chaotic for effective contaiment. Secure sites worldwide were issued lockdown protocols while the O5 Council and select personnel were prepped for transport off-world in the event of causal destabilization.

Before that became necessary, however, all affected individuals disintegrated rapidly and without warning. No video footage exists of this event, nor do personnel dossiers of affected individuals, or any record of their existence, for that matter. A possible retrocausal weapon similar to those that will be used by the Temporal Anomalies Department was suspected to have been involved with this event. However, given the number of possible branching worldlines that could have been theoretically created in the time of the incident, the party involved will likely not be known, nor will their reasoning behind not targeting SCP-2921 directly.

Following the events of Incident Log 2921.1, containment efforts of SCP-2921 were discontinued. Upgrade to Keter classification approved.

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